Xiaomi Mi LED WiFi light bulb model MJDP02YL


I’ve just bought the Xiaomi Mi LED WiFi model MJDP02YL light bulb (not yeelight, the xiaomi one, this one) and I havent been able to integrate them since the Yeelight APP won’t recognize them and the Xiaomi APP does not have the enable LAN option available.

I have another one identical from Yellight and I have been able to integrate it successfully in the past, but this ones from Xiaomi are impossible.

Can some one tell me how to integrate them?

Thanks and kind regards

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Same issue here…

The documentation (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/yeelight/) is mentioning that MJDP02YL can be integrated

but I see no way of enabling the LAN option for this bulb as it’s only recognized by the Xiaomi App and not the Yeelight one.

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please see this.

Also i was able to get the bulb token, using a node js script, that connects to the mi cloud server.

so using with node, install

npm install node-mihome

const mihome = require('node-mihome');

const username = 'your mi email';

const password = 'your mi pass';


//Europe uses the "de" country server.

mihome.miCloudProtocol.login(username, password).then(res=>{

mihome.miCloudProtocol.getDevices(null, {country:"de"}).then(out=>



node main.js

Find the token of the device you want, then use the device to set the dev to true

miiocli yeelight --ip --token 20586nj8a6417f725163818da41935feae set_developer_mode 1

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