Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1. Gen - no map (map loading)

Hi !

I use the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st gen robot, which is now 5 years old.
For some time now, I have had the problem that I can no longer load the map.
However, the robot still works and the previously read zones are still known.

It looks like this in HomeAssistant with Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card:

It looks like this in Mi Home App:

Since the map isn’t shown in the Mi Home app, it’s probably due to something general.
The vacuum cleaner has now been reset twice, after which the card structure works again for about 1 day before the same problem occurs again.
Also in HomeAssistant map is then displayed correctly after reading out the new token.
Does anyone have any idea why the map can no longer be loaded?

thanks for your notice ! switched my original post to english…

Nobody can help ?

No help from me either, other than that i have the same issue as you. Let me know if you found a solution!

My solution so far is not using the cloud anymore…
Instead I‘m using valetudo now.
Since then no map issues anymore, so for me just working fine.

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Thats a solid tip, thanks!