Xiaomi MI Smart LED Bulb Essential Support (MJDPL01YL)

I’m having the same issue. We need these supported

Doh, grabbed a couple of these on special today and just assumed they would work with Home Assistant since pretty much everything else by Xiaomi is well supported.

Hope someone gets them working soon!

Came here to say them same. Also purchased on special! (are you NZ by any chance?)

Yes, in Auckland. PBTech FTW :slight_smile:

Same boat :frowning: bought it on specials from pb tech and then it doesnt work…i even opened the bulb but the construction is such that you cant get to the bottom board as it is sealed with epoxy, so cant even try and flash it :frowning:

Hello people. I did the same mistake… didn’t check the forum first and now I am stuck with a light bulb that I don’t want :’(

What I’ve seen is, HA asks me to add this lamp as a HomeKit Accessory. I don’t have Home Kit, but I could find an iPhone and try to play with it.

Has anyone experience anything similar?

These bulbs do not support HomeKit integration.

There is a work around using the custom Yeelight app.


Thanks for the link. I replied on the other thread. I did succeed on installing the lamp using a modified version of your steps. Thank you again!

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thank you man. happy now my light run and easy.

big up

Any Ideas for the Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White) - XMBGDP01YLK - No yeelight support on old custom aplication. LINK
I’m in the process of switching from my 5 years old “openHAB DIY” solution to Xiaomi and quickly realized that Xiaomi alone is not reliable at least not yet. On paper looks right in reality in EU does not work correctly / limitation of sensors and devices.
Wanted something quick and nice looking not to lose lots of time creating and configuring sensors and gone to the rabbit hole and now learning YAML and Home Assistant :slight_smile:

Do this and then add the bulb to Home Assistant using the Yeelight intergration. Only the bulb’s IP address is required.

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Thanks, works perfectly
On windows I done the following:

  1. install python
  2. install Visual studio tools only select C++ to install is necessary for python
  3. in command prompt type “pip3 install python-miio”
  4. get the bulb token using HA gateway 3 integration from HACS
  5. in command prompt type “miiocli yeelight --ip 192.168.x.x --token set_developer_mode 1” replace IP and token with yours
  6. integrate the bulb using yeelight integration only IP is necessary.

I have some yeelight relay 2 chanels Wi-Fi, but unfortunately they do not get a token in mi home app. Any idea how can I enable developer on them?
same topic here


Glad to hear you got it working.
Unfortunately I can’t help you with those Yeelight relays :frowning:

Hello Guys!
I tried the command but i didnt got response from the bulbs.:

(base) C:\Users\mail>miiocli yeelight --ip --token 8e6fa5619a607450dd737********** set_developer_mode 1
c:\programdata\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\miio\click_common.py:242: UserWarning: Please consider using python-yeelight for more complete support.
  ctx.obj = self.device_class(*args, **kwargs)
Setting developer mode to True
ERROR:miio.miioprotocol:Got error when receiving: timed out
Error: No response from the device

Any other advice? Thank You so much!

I solved with an older version of yeelight like others, but for security and privacy I installed on Bluestack only for that.

My worked solution on Windows 10.:

  1. Change your mi home account password! (strongly advice after the process you can change it back)
  2. Bluestack installation (it is an android phone emulator)
  3. from apkmirror.com download mi home app and yeelight app.
  4. Install Mi Home app in Bluestack and after login.
  5. Install Yeelight app and login asap because the app will update himself
  6. Voila you will see all bulbs :wink:
  7. Click one of them and on the popup window on the right corner at the bottom there will be an triangle with underline. Click on it!
  8. Enable LAN Control :upside_down_face:
  9. Add to HA following the offical HA Yeelight integration.

You’ve just saved my day!
Thank you so much for the tip.
Finally i was able to make my yeelight color5 and strip2 work with HA :slight_smile:

Thanks it is working, successfully added to homeassistant Mi bulb

You are my hero @Imre!! :slight_smile:

sadly, login in on this version of the all is no longer possible :c