Xiaomi Mijia 1C Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner (white) (STYTJ01ZHM)


thanks for the explanation - that really helps.

I think if it is not possible to use the device without an internet connection (sending all data to china), i might search another vaccum robot. Maybe one that can be flashed with valetudo.

I tried your component (thanks for the work by the way) to get my new Dreame F9 Vacuum working with HA, but no luck.
Do you know if there is a chance to integrate it ? I was thinking that the API may be the same, but I guess not.

I have been using this component for a while and it works pretty well. The only thing that I am struggling with, is that it seems that the states of the sensors are exposed to Home assistant is the complete string.
For example the battery level is Battery: 100% in stead of just 100. Now you can’t really run an automation when the battery level drops to like 10%.
Am I understanding this correctly?

If you want to use a templae you can use something like

{{ state_attr('vacuum.robovac', 'battery_level') }}

This will return just the value of the battery percentage.

Awesome, I will give that a bash!

Any news about use HA to control zone-based cleaning?


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Im not planning on developing/testing this any further since what exists is perfect for my needs.
If anyone wants to contribute feel free to do a pr.

Ok, I get it, unfortunately I still don’t have enough knowledge to help.
If someone finds a way to do it, I would appreciate it if you would let me know here.
And of course thank you very much concentric, great job, really what you have done is fantastic !!!.

So, with the help of someguys on Telegram groups for the Xiaomi 1C, I have managed to extract the coordinates of my rooms and it would now be really awesome if we could send commands to the Vacuum. It looks something like this:

The addon does not support sending commands to the vacuum yet though…
The command for the zone cleanup is as follows:


Is there anyone that would be able to assist us in gettting the addon to support he vacuum.send_command ?

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is the


the coordinates?

Also can you elaborate where you got this command from?

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If it helps, I had previously extracted co-ordinates from the log files on my phone, triggered after using the ‘zone clean up’ function on the mobile app:

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I am on a Telegram group focussing on development around the Xiaomi 1C.
@concentric, I think you might find it a usefull group to join, if you have the time.
One of the guys pasted the code in there, that is what he scanned via wireshark.

“value”:“819,-263,4424,2105” << these are the coordinates yes. You can obtain it by removing your standard Xiaomi Home app and installing the Mi Home Mod app:

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it works! hope there will be further interest to extend the features, especially zone selection.
Can i get confirmation that flolevac does NOT support 1c? i cant get it to work with flolevac

I have tried and it works, thanks.

Now waiting for zone cleanup

here is the code if anyone needs

--- dashboard ---
type: 'custom:xiaomi-vacuum-card'
entity: vacuum.robin
name: Robin
vendor: xiaomi_mi
    key: main_brush_life_level
    unit: '%'
    key: side_brush_life_level
    unit: '%'
    key: filter_life_level
    unit: '%'
  sensor: false

---- config ----
  - platform: xiaomi_vacuum
    host: 192.168.0.xx
    token: "xx"
    name: Robin

Tiny update, i have added the error information to the component.


I also tried the app, but could not get it to work.
The newer devices from xiaomi use a different protocol to the old ones.

I got this error: “Platform error vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum - No module named ‘custom_components.xiaomi_vacuum.miio.miio’”

I install via HACS a few days ago, but today I restart HA and update the custom_component and I got the error.

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Did you just install it?
I made a mess with my pull request, the repo is broken.
I need to fix it.

Yes, I reinstall it just now