Xiaomi Motion Sensor stops working on Conbee II

just bought a Conbee II hoping to move all my xiaomi sensors to it from the xiaomi hub, and expand further my system with other zigbee devices.
Installed decon add-on on hass.io, from the official addons.
First device I connected is a Xiaomi Motion Sensor, never paired with the Xiaomi hub. Pairing with the Conbee went well immediately, but after few days the sensor does not react anymore, and is marked as “Not reachable” in phoscon app.
Only other zigbee devices connected to the conbee are 3 xiaomi bulbs, which are now operated cutting power from the switch, and only adjusted in brightness and temperature through automations. Therefore, they are most of the times powered off.

Re-paired the motion sensor, becomes unavailable again after few days of working regualrly…

How can I debug this behavior of the motion sensor?

Start by upgrading the FW to the latest version

Xiaomi zigbee bulbs?

This is one point: my firmware is 0x26490700, which should be the latest stable, as the log says (“GW firmware version is up to date”). Do you mean I should upgrade to 0x264a0700?


The bulbs work pretty well

I had similar problem with hue bulb and conbee stick. Spent two weeks to found that router 2.4G channel should be far from ZigBee channel so if your router is set to let say channel 11 you ZigBee gateway should be on lower channel like 10 or even 5. Sometimes conbee is set by default to 25 and if you wifi is on channel 11 and up it could cause weird interference. Just check it out as I am guessing.


Interesting, I did not know these. As @Eskimos wrote, first thing to check is Zigbee and Wifi channel.
I’m not sure if the hassio addon gives you access to deconz itself (through VNC) if so you can see how the sensor is connected to the Conbee. It’s always good to have multiple repeaters (like the bulbs) but preferable you will keep them switch on.

I have the same problem. My Xiaomi gateway half died so I just got a Conbee II and to test, I’ve connected a Xiaomi motion/lux sensor also. It connects seamlessly but dies with an hour no longer reporting. Like you, pairing again instantly reconnects the device. I have three access points in the house so finding a free 2.4Ghz channel might be a challenge?

I had very high hopes for this integration so a bit disappointed at the moment. Glad I didn’t pair all 30 devices!

You might actually be better of pairing all your devices. Having another zigbee hub which is not working as a repeater for the mesh network created by the conbee might just interfering.

Good point, I’ve still got the Xiaomi gateway running with 29 devices on it and that might be causing the problem. Major gamble though but guess I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Actually I can see some messages being written to the log during people’s movement:

11:54:32:654 ZCL attribute report 0x00158D00032C8D52 for cluster 0x0000, ep 0x01
11:54:32:654 0x00158D00032C8D52 extract Xiaomi special attribute 0xFF01
11:54:32:654 03 temperature 45 °C
11:54:32:654 05 RSSI dB (?) 138 (0x008A)
11:54:32:654 07 unknown 0 (0x0000000000000000)
11:54:32:654 08 unknown 279 (0x0117)
11:54:32:654 09 unknown 768 (0x0300)
11:54:32:654 0a unknown 0 (0x0000)
11:54:32:654 64 current position lift 0%
11:54:32:654 65 unsupported tag (data type 0x20)

Sorry for poor formatting, I’m on mobile

You can change ZigBee channel in the web ui from addon, gateway, advance ….
I had very strange behaviour of all my ZigBee bulb and plugs, my conbee log show them like zombie device (literally that name). Was fun.

I’ve updated my Conbee II to the beta 0x264a0700 (using a Raspbery Pi) and this seems to have made my motion sensor stable. As a bonus, the battery level for my second added device, a Xiaomi multi-sensor is now also reported. This was not visible prior. Note that when you check the firmware in phoscon, it will report as 264A0700.

FYI, I could not get the firmware update working with the Windows version of the flasher as it kept saying it could not find any FTDI devices despite the device showing in Device Manager and in the deConz app for Windows.

I’m finding the firmware, flashing and various software and tools with Dresden Elektronik are a hot mess and all over the place with various versions plastered all over the Internet so making things work and updating them has been a challenge. For those wanting to keep track of the Conbee II firmware for flashing with the Pi, that is here.

[EDIT] Another discovered benefit of using Conbee II over the Xiaomi gateway is that the battery level values are reported correctly. Hooray! Previously I was having to manipulate each battery template to get an approximate real value.

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Ok thanks I’ll try this way, as yesterday I tried fiddling with the channels, re-paired the sensor and it lasted less than 10min this time!
Any hint on how to update? Running Hass.io on a RPi3 with the deCONZ addon from official repo. It is showing me that I have the most recent firmware and does not propose an update. How do I force it? Does the other addon version from marthoc make it easier?

You on Windows? Try loading that latest deConz version with the stick in your PC. After a while, it should update. I’m writing a comprehensive blog post as navigating around dresden elektronik´s various software/firmware locations is quite daunting.

According to Dresden support, the stick should be on deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26490700.bin.GCF dated 22nd April 2019. If you install deConz, that can be found here C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\deCONZ\firmware\deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26490700.bin.GCF and the command line flasher tool is here C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\deCONZ\bin

I updated mine using a Raspberry Pi using the instructions found here.

On Windows and native Linux installations the Phoscon App should show an update button in case a firmware update is necessary.

Menu > Settings > Gateway

Just to report that I’m also having issues with the xiaomi sensors staying connected.

I’m using hassio with the Deconz addon, and the conbeeII is on firmware 26490700.

Also - anyone know if support for the xiaomi door/window sensors will come? means that I can’t get rid of my xiaomi hub after all at the moment :frowning:
Found I could add the open/close sensors if I made sure to open/close them during the pairing process!

could I just pull my conbeeII out of my pi 3 (running Hassio, then put it in a spare pi2 and flash it with the new firmware? as in, will all my attached devices in hassio still be there after that process?

Do a backup or copy all files from the file system you should be able to

So my sensor have all been working for a day now. Not sure what I did to fix them??

It could just be that I added a bunch more lights, so made the network stronger? Just a guess.

Got to say that I’m loving the fact that I have now removed my Xiaomi and Hue hub, and responsiveness seems way better now.

Added bonus is that the Hue dimmers work first time every time too :slight_smile:

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