Xiaomi potential new devices (Aqara, EigenStone)

A long time back I posted in the Xiaomi gateway megathread about some new devices that were found in the FCC website.
E.g. square switch, new temp sensor etc
These eventually came to market.

On of the interesting things about the FCC site was that the company submitting the devices for certification is Lumi.
Seems that there is a group of related companies developing, marketing and selling these Zigbee devices:
Xiaomi, Aqara, Lumi… and also one called EigenStone.

I saw previously that Aqara and EigenStone both have (almost identical) iOS apps, but that I could not use the apps because a china phone number was required to register.
A few days back the EigenStone app now allows registration by email… so I had a play.

In the app there is a screen much like the Xiaomi home app, where you can add new devices.
This is what I saw…

New devices!

  • USB Dongle - zigbee dongle?
  • Thermostat
  • Dual Channel controller
  • Smart Lock
  • Aqara Smart Lock
  • Dimmer (I assume it’s an LED single colour/white dimmer)
  • RGB Dimming Controller (I assume it’s an RGB LED controller)
  • Color Temperature (I assume it’s a CW/WW LED controller and dimmer)

(expand the picture, its long…)

Also on the eigenstone website you can see the what I think is the Aqara vibration sensor… Looks like the square temperature sensor, but with parallel “wobbly lines” logo.

There are some very interesting potential new items in this app!


Actually you are almost right. This company is 100% share hold by Lumi Company, which means that it is Lumi’s sub-company. So all productions it offer would be under Lumi’s brand.

Thanks for the insight.
Its useful to know for non-china based buyers so we know how to search for the devices.

all cool devices. Anything out yet?

I didnt see anything from a quick search on gearbest…
Could be vapourware, but I would think its a lot of work to design icons and app support for things that will never exist.

Unfortunately though I was not able to get my (essentially useless for home assistant) version 1 Xiaomi gateway to connect to the Eigenstone app. Could be because the gateway was previously associated with a Xiaomi account, could be that Eigenstone app requires version 2 gateway? Who knows? I was not prepared to jeoparise my V2 gateway HA set up to play.

But if someone else has a spare gateway or interested to play, here is the (iOS) app:

Interestingly it supports apple watch.
Last updated (via goog translate):

What’s New in Version 2.2.0

  1. Increase the support for smart door lock equipment, color temperature equipment, illumination and barometric pressure sensor
  2. Increase the smoke sensor, gas sensor installation site tips
  3. Provide e-mail login mode
  4. Some functions to optimize, improve performance

So quite optimistic for locks and LED drivers :slight_smile:

There is one new device on the EigenStone Site:

Dual-Control-Modul ist für die Beleuchtung und industrielle Steuerung Design von energiesparenden und intelligenten Produkten konzipiert, die Installation ist schnell und einfach zu pflegen einfach, mit der ZigBee-Technologie können Sie mit dem Multifunktions-Gateway zu kommunizieren, und dann erreichen Remote-APP oder Linkage Kontrolle von Haushaltsgeräten benutzerdefinierte Schalter, kann für Beleuchtung, frische Luft, Motor und andere Leistungsschalter-Steuerung verwendet werden, für Multi-Szene, Multi-Device flexible Anwendungen. Neben der Unterstützung der Macht Statistik-Funktion, Echtzeit-Erkennung von Back-End-Geräte Stromverbrauch.

Produktname: Dual Control Modul
Produkttyp: SLKZMK11LM
Betriebsfeuchtigkeit: 5% -95% RH, nicht kondensierend
Arbeitstemperatur: -5 ℃ - + 60 ℃
Eingangsspannung: 100V- 250V AC, 50Hz
Produkt-Größe: 49.3 * 46 * 24mm
Drahtloser Typ: ZigBee
Maximale Belastung: 10A / 2500W

Unfortunately no shop and no price tag

We’re still waiting for it :slight_smile:
@whocarez found this back in may, but still no sign of it in the channel yet…

Well, this is an interesting announcement. Never have seen this before. I looks as if it is using WiFi, and unfortunately not ZigBee :

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This one use BLE. Later this month, Xiaomi will publish a new gateway with BLE, which can pair with this or other BLE devices such as Mi Flora Sensor, Lock Smart Door Lock… So after linking to gateway, it can use WIFI indirectly for automation, remote control or Xiaomi AI Speaker Voice Control.



I have the xioami mi flora, and one of the BLE gateways (yeelight bedsidelamp) it’s possible to use in HA the mi flora with the BLE gateway?


https://yadi.sk/i/b11ML1U63UKFxz - find aqara presentation, look at 46-47 page - new devices, that founded hijinx in start post, in presentation some more description.


Wow! I’m looking forward to the USB hub potentially being released - it would be a (probably) cheaper alternative to the Wifi gateway for local control (perfect for HASS!).

Great share - thanks!

And more - https://fccid.io/2AKIT-USBWG11LM/User-Manual/Users-Manual-3470618 - usb stick manual,
Creation Date 2017-07-11 10:14
and I think - It will be for xiaomi routers only (they will add support for this stick in routers firmware)


Again - good detective work :slight_smile:

Hmm Aqara Vibration sensor? thats new right? Tempted to get one of those locks I want fingerprint!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT2o3lW_QmA&t= - new cube, new lock. Good youtube channal - advise to subscribe

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Nice link and channel.
I’m interested that he’s using the Aqara app not the mi home app.
I wonder if the aqara light will be zigbee and cheap/good enough to challenge Ikea.


Recently I’ve managed to aquire 4 units of the relay in order to complete my home setup. The information I’ve had from the company is that this is an old product and that it has been discontinued. I haven’t yet tested it’s integration with Home assistant but it’s detected and works with the hub.

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Anyone tested the vibration sensor?

I might order a couple and test, they are up on alliexpress for order.