Xiaomi/Roborock Vacuum Firmware update

I have a firmware update pending for my Roborock S5 vacuum. Has anybody installed it and did it cause any issues with home assistant?

Current: 3.3.9_001886
New: 3.5.7_002008

I did it. wasn’t thinking. yes it causes issues with HA, namely that HA is not connecting at all anymore. am very sad…

Not cool. The gateway and now the vacuum… I will not update!

anyone knows a way how to flash an older firmware?

Can’t you revert with Flolevac?

Maybe the update has changed the access token. Did you check?

FloleVac is also completely shut out since the update. that’s why I don’t suspect the access token. but I will check that regardless once I get to it.

Yes, check with modified Mi Home App or something similar if token has changed.

I updated and I don’t have any issues so far. I do have it already set up with the token.

Found time to look into it and… I feel really stupid now.
After update it seems somehow the IP has changed which i obviously need to update in home assistant and FloleVac.

Sorry if i caused concerns. Everything seems to work fine.


Guys, any idea why my roborock don`t offer the update? I am on 3.3.9_001886, my friend have same robot, and he updated to 3.5.7 and my does not offer it OTA. I am on working wifi of course, mi home app is up do date too.

Maybe it is not released at the same time for everyone? Mine does not offer the update, guess we need to wait

Nevermind, it is always a good idea to be extremely cautious with firmware updates and potential lockouts. Better a false alarm than a really serious problem. :slight_smile:

Just installed 3.5.7_002008 and i’ve no issue, integration in Home assistant it’s ok.
There’re some new feautures inside app :smiley:

Such as? I’m quite reluctant to update fw. The robot works fine right now, Xiaomi doesn’t give out release notes with many details so I’m quite careful.

Some Roborock S6 (software) features ported to S5 vacuum like room recognition

See here (sorry facebook link):

Ooh that’s indeed interesting, though I’d like to get more confirmation that Flolevac keeps on working with this firmware version before updating :slight_smile:

Flolevac, everything works except showing maps.

If anyone wants to get back to the original firmware what was installed when it was sent out from the factory this link is useful: https://support.roborock.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035072251-How-do-I-restore-my-robot-cleaner-to-factory-default-S5-

I did that twice when having region block on 3.5.7_002008 (my Roborock S5 is Chinese version)

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Everything in Flolevac works, and everything in HA works. Your access token and DID does not change after the upgrade.

As others have mentioned, the robot may indeed pickup up a new IP address, do not assume. Flolevac does not automatically go back to Xiaomi cloud and check for an IP change. My robot was obtaining a DHCP lease via MAC address in the prior firmware, but switched to DHCP client identifier in this latest update, so looked like a “new” device to the DHCP server. EDIT: poking around at the 1886 firmware versus the new 2008 firmware, looks like they moved from using dhclient to udhcpc, so the preceding statement makes sense.

If you are running a stock firmware image and your vacuum is still connected to Xiaomi cloud, and some things in Flolevac aren’t working for you, I’ve found the easiest way to fix it this is to reset Flolevac (clear app data on Android) and reimport from Xiaomi. Everything should work again.

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