Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock

Im trying to get it to work but seems like there is an issue with the timing for the clicks.

I removed the button from the pushbutton, so i cant honestly remember the sequence of presses to lock and unlock the door.

Was it single click to unlock and double to lock? And what timings worked the best for you guys?

I’m reading this, and thinking, heck yeah, a smart lock without any cloud nonsense, I like!

Really good work on the ESP integration too, but the Xiaomi reed thingy looks a bit choppy, nofi.
I was looking at the ESPHome website and came across the MPU6050 sensor. Which is an Accel/Gyro sensor. As far as I can see from the picture below it will measure some kind of degree of tilt. Isn’t this able to be integrated in a fashionable manner to the Sherlock?
My house is currently being built, but I’m exploring some options for when it’s done :slight_smile:

I tried a similar xiaomi sensor as my first preference, but it didn’t quite do the job. Maybe you’ll have better luck with your one. My reed switch has been pretty solid. But yeah, a tilt sensor may be more elegant. See here. Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock

But that sensor needs to be wired in right? So could be hard to fit/mount/place?

Yeah that needs to be wired in. But when a ESP is already onboard you can plug it in there.

The only concern I have is the wiring from/to the sensor, which has to turn with the knob… :slight_smile:

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I also stumbled across this recently which I guess could be the most reliable for many doors as it detects actual latching. I made a simple lock sensor with Xiaomi Door Sensor, some battery holders and a soldering iron

And more ideas here: How I made my dumb locks a little smarter!

Hi friend, please tell how remote distance sherlock M1 with internet connection ? With xiaomi gateway maybe? Please help

The easiest solution still involves a bit of hacking. This might get you started.

So i don’t need to connect the ESP8266/NodeMCU to my HA Server directly?

But you don’t motorize the door status, only get the ability to open or close.

Did you see that?

Did anybody try using sonoff?


M1 model does not work with keyfob it works on Bluetooth only

total failure sherlock s2 cannot be installed neighter on iPhone 8 or Samsung (Android, same manu stuck at middle way… I have to return this junk!!

how to unbind the S2?

Anyone can help me on this? The ADB command is not working. I am using Redmi 7A phone connected with my ubuntu 18 box.

How you did it? Do you mind to guide me? I have Redmi 7a phone

How you did that? I am using Redmi 7a phone for that but not working

Anyway to improve the torque of the motor on this? Seems it is not powerful enough to unlock my badass door that locks on all sides.

I don’t have sherlock lock yet, but I am sensing lock/unlock state of my classic door lock with modified aqara door sensor, I disconnected reed switch and soldered small endstop micro switch,and I was able to put it in cavity where lock is sticking out to the door frame. Friend of mine used two springs acting as contacts,and since the lock is from steel, when locked it closes the circuit.

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