Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock

Is it possible to install some kind of android emulator to the Linux box to avoid using physical Android phone?

I guess you can use a vm/container for android and connect a BT dongle directly to your server, but then BT is notorious for being unsecure…so that’s not an option for me
It more likely to add an esp and control it that way
Or if you have the S2 version then you can get a Remote Key Control and that will make the whole process way simpler

Just received the Remote Key Control (small keyfob) and it is able to lock/unlock my door.
(Found here)

My plan is to either:
-figure out what kind of ‘message’ the keyfob sends to the sherlock and try to send the exact same with hass.
-hardwire the keyfob to my raspberry and send the commands the hard way.

Anyone has any experience in sniffing bluetooth packets? Either with raspberry or macbook?


Have a look


Hi, everyone has news about get it work somehow via internet/bluetooth/homeass/others?

I’ve purchased the Mi version to see if i can get something out of it!!

The sherlock always keeps the key in a perfect horizontal position (unless you enable anti-theft mode where it keeps it 30° twisted).
Most EU locks are able to push the key out from the other side if it’s in the horizontal position. When taking the key out again on the outside, a spring pushes the sherlock key back in position.

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I think that would be the easiest job: open the key and most probably the push button will CLOSE (or OPEN) a circuit. You just solder the two pins to a ESP8266 relay (like Electrodragon or a Shelly that are ready made for this), and it will work in HASS perfectly
You can easily open the bluetooth button, to check the inside?

Waiting for the result of this integration :slight_smile:

Hello i have some issue with Sherlock m1 i paried it with my Phone but then i deleted it grom mi home app. Now i cant Add it again coz every Time i got this msg # is paired by other person unpair first" but how?

One solution that I can think of is to connect the (extra) Bluetooth button with an ESP8266 switch. Not the most elegant solution, but should work and be also pretty solid. Awaiting news from somebody that has the button and check the inside

Maybe a workarond!!

Have a xiaomi button and create an autonomation in MiHome app that for example if the status of the button is click open and if is long click close. And so change the button state from domoticz or any other home app.

Now I’m tempted to get this one :smiley: sounds interesting, I would love see this in HA, so the workaround with the phone works?

If status of button is taken from Mi home app it should work, why not. Awaiting news too

new prices on Aliexpress 52 Euro, the S2 model (the model that works with wireless button)

Yeah it is on 11/11 sale now.

First of all, sorry for my ignorance.

I tried it as you suggest but I’m not able to make it working. I connect my Android mobile phone to the Raspberry, activate the debug USB mode but if I execute “adb devices” in the console, the list is emtpy.

Of course, if I lauch the script, nothing happens. It even doesn’t wake up the mobile phone.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance

depending on your linux distro it may be possible that you don’t have the phone drivers installed on the raspberry, if that’s the case try getting that fixed first

I could find the problem.

Everytime I reboot my raspberry I should execute adb kill-server and adb start-server again.

Then, it recognizes the Android mobile connected to it.

For now, I’m doing it manually but as I reset every night the Raspberry automatically, I need to see how can I launch it on startup.

Now, at least, I’m able to open/close remotelly the Sherlock M1. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks.

Hi, how does the sherlock work with unlocking and opening?

I mean (copied from another post):
Unlocking: Rotate the lock to the set open position. (desired for automated unlocking the door in the morning), but NOT opening
Opening: Rotate further so the latch opens and the door can be pushed open. (required if outside there is only a fixed handle hence required to get in or let guests in)

I’m contemplating buying this. But I can’t find the Sherlock button on the mi home app. Is there somethhing I have to do to get it?