Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


Hi guys,

managed the Sherlok to work via adb and old phone connected to rasp…any update on better methods?


hi, yes that is correct. But there are locks that allow to have both keys at the same time.

It is harder to find them as they are less secure.


I am working on hacking this lock i sniffed data through mobile Bluetooth hcl file though reverse engineering if some is willing to help please let me know


Anyone mounted it vertically, instead of how explained in the instructions?

EDIT: it seems you can, but then you lose the possibility of keeping the regular key horizontally (needed if you wish to use an external key to coem in)


The hardware arrived and I mounted it. Its ingeneous, and works well. It also opens the door completely (beside unlocking) so if outside you don’t have a handle you can also enter. And from the outside you can use your regular key if the phone/button is not around.

Pretty cool.

Now I really wish a HASS integration


Please note that M1 version works with Mi Home app, but the Bluetooth key doesn’t.

The S2 version doesn’t work with Mi Home app (so no automation possible that way) but works with its extra Bluetooth button


But it is stated in the aliexpress page that the S2 version was able to be used with the Sherlock’s own app. Can you verify this?
There is also a new version avaliable for the ios version of the app (3.3.8, released 11h ago) In the change log it is stated that the app now supports online activities. There could now be a way to integrate into hass. Hopefuly.


Yes it works with the Sherlock app, but NOT with the MI HOME app, so you can’t make automation with the MI HOME APP (and Sherlock app has no automating possibilities)


I just updated the android app, which also has new “online activities”, but I found nothing useful


After lot of tries I finally managed to connect my phone to a raspberry pi (if you have USB-C cable, please note that some do not work for transferring data)

But nothing happens when I give this command. Am I missing something?

[13:00:01] [email protected]:~$ adb shell
lithium:/ $ exit
[13:00:06] [email protected]:~$ adb shell input keyevent 26&&sleep 0.2&&adb shell input swipe 360 1000 150 1000;adb shell input keyevent 26
[13:00:11] [email protected]:~$


for the S2 the file is located in a different directory


not sure if the format is the same as M1, I can provide the log, since I do not know how to extract text from it


Just waiting for this function for the lock Sherlock S2


sure, pm me the log and I`ll have a look


Any updates on this? I can make some tests with my keyfob, but need some help in what to do try. I opened the keyfob and it has around 8 pins (like serial), but have no idea on how to start


That’s the inside



Could you tell me what kind of hass are you using exactly? Do you have the M1 or S2 sherlock?

Thank you in advance,



Which adb do you use?


I’m running vanilla hass into a docker container as for the lock I have the first gen M1


I managed to control my doorlock s2 with hooking the keyfob to my raspberry pi , very simple i will guide you with more deitails in the upcomin days , im very busy with my work but soon i will provide a deitailed instruction .


Really? That is fantastic news to me