Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


Did you find a solution for this problem?


A separate battery for the esp device could work well I think. How much power does it use? Also is there a way to modify the lock to work with the Xiaomi ZigBee devices?

I have a door sensor from Xiaomi and I would like to make the lock, lock the door when ever the sensor detects a locked door


Thank you very much. Great job!
Can you give the settings for HASS, I try this but i have a problem with state.Thank you!


  • platform: mqtt
    name: Frontdoor
    state_topic: “door/available”
    command_topic: “door/action”
    payload_lock: “0”
    payload_unlock: “1”
    optimistic: true
    qos: 1
    retain: true
    value_template: ‘{{ value.x }}’


The state topic is “door/status”. The topic “door/available” is just published when you start the lock the first time. So you would have to config it like this:

platform: mqtt
name: Frontdoor
state_topic: “door/status”
command_topic: “door/action”
payload_lock: “0”
payload_unlock: “1”
optimistic: true
qos: 1
retain: true
value_template: ‘{{ value.x }}’


I am not sure about that but I’ll check it in some days because I’m gonna this way (https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt) to control xiaomi ZigBee devices. I’ll let you all know!


I was wrong here. I mean, if the cylinder has double clutch when you introduce the key from outside you’ll not move the other key and you can open but you’ll have to do really really a lot of force against the xiaomi sherlock motor and that’s not right at all.

So the best solution is use a simple clutch cylinder (due the lock has a way that when the key is horizontal you can insert a key from outside and you’ll “disconnect” the inside key from the lock motor) or if you have a vertical cylinder it’s a really great solution what nishanthGit said!


Mmhh trying to understand you but having a hard time


I cut 2 small pieces 90° on each side of this piece and i filled the existing hole using the plastic i cut previously and fixed it strongly by a white tape


Hi zanerv,

Would you be able to identify the IC being used? I’m waiting on my Sherlock to arrive, but I would like to start the reverse engineering process early.



I couldn’t find any good photos to get the exact name but it advertises itself via BT as Secure_nRF52


I’ll take a look at the datasheet for that chip. Thanks.


Hi! Any good findings?


I bought a Sherlock s2 smart lock. unfortunately I can’t activate the application. After reading the QR code, I get this error message:
“Device already bound, please reset the device.”
The tool is new. What can I eat at this time to be good? Thanks in advance for your help.


It happened to me after I bought it, can’t remember how I solved it, but it is solvable, try following carefully the reset instructions


Thanks for the reply! Would you describe exactly what recovery instructions are? I can’t find such a description! Thanks!



@srborines this is awesome work! I have some questions for you, before I try the same

  1. I understand that you cut the yellow cable in the middle and connected the two parts to two GPIOs of the esp8266 (0 and 2). Right?
  2. What about Rx, Tx, CH_EN and Reset. Why do we need to connect those somewhere? From the picture it is not very clear where they are going and I’m not such a big expert… could you clarify this part please? A cable diagram would be great! :flushed:


Can you please share what you did (I see a ESP8266??), I am very curious!! Is it same solution as @srborines ?


any news about battery consumption?


wemos d1 mini.

a little later I will show the scheme works perfectly.
And take a video on youtube