Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


what about power consumption? How long will it last?


Understand. I made indicators-green is open the door, red is closed. Constant wifi . And held a constant current from usb. In my house the door often opens and closes . And any batteries won’t hold. But if you want batteries then buy a larger battery and integrate it in the door or next in a box. sorry for the English translator.


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Saw your comment after I figure it out XD.

Here some other pictures


Hi @ahzazou, any news on the reverse engineering of the bluetooth packets?


How do you bring current to it? That’s a wire on the front door…?


Awaiting your video! Thanks!


after sniffing Bluetooth traffic for this lock its encrypted and has a two way communication as example mobile and lock firstly agree together to use a specific code then send packet to open lock or close the lock , if we re transmit packet again it will not do anything so as per my knowledge its hard to control it with its native Ble so you can either use the keyfob as i did with raspberry pi or esp8266 to simulate one click to close lock or double clicks to close . another solution is to hock an esp8266 to the lock itself but using this way will consume power so much that you need to recharge battery weekly , i suggest to use alternatives to esp8266 which programble and use less power like bluetooth ,zwave or zigpy


Guess it’s a rolling code rather than always the same one. Can’t be that complicated if the small bt keyfob can generate the code.


Have you ideas on how to add Zwave or Zigbee?


Yes!! I did it, and was so easy. Definetely the best method: instead of working on the lock, work on the Bluetooth button, works perfectly


I really suggest to get a bluetooth button and apply a ESP8266 (or using a pi), very easy, it took me 20 minutes


i am trying to find a better solution , but never had experience to program bluetooth or zigbee stuff , but till now i did not find a proper module that consumes really low power even ble ones , i have suggestion to get accurate readings , is that you hook to the lock and esp8266 but you make it sleep all the time , just to update the lock status in home assistant . in this case we can get 100% true state of lock and then remote to control , as we all know remote is one way communication it works most of the time but in very rare situation it misses to send or something not working properly . in sleep state esp module will not consume too much power like using it without sleeping , maybe someone has better idea in there i am open to share mines with others.


Sure everything can be improved, but I just need to open the door from a distance (not covered by Bluetooth). Mission accomplished!!

Next mission is having a keypad (there is a Zigbee version but expensive), put the secret code and through HASS/GPIO/button opens the door


I bought this


Looks like sherlock has a fingerprint and keypad that work with the lock. But can’t find them in any online shop.

This is a screenshot from the app:


Ohh, maybe they are releasing this soon

In my app just SF1.

Edit, i had the beta version of the app. With normal version both options appear


Probably SF1 is the lock for glass doors. Sg1 is definitely an accessory for our S2!!


Where/how the status is given out? Is it a signal, or?


Same way before they used above to control door lock with esp module, but in this case we use the input as interrupt to wake esp8266 and send status only not to controll lock as controlling lock would keep module awake which consume more power , in this case you have accurate state for the lock with minimal battery usage.


Maybe use a Xiaomi door sensor, hacked without reed switch?