Xiaomi Temperature & Humidity Sensor Home Assistant Integration (pvvx custom firmware) May 2023

I recently installed the Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor using the PVVX Custom Firmware. Some information was different from what I found online, so I created this guide. I hope you will find it helpful.

Full guide on my website

Or a video format for anyone who prefers visual content:

Install the firmware

The Xiaomi sensors come with encryption by default. However, utilizing custom firmware can remove this encryption and provide greater configurability options.

Open Chrome and navigate here

  1. Check the “Get Advertising MAC” box and click Connect


  2. Open the Xiaomi sensor and remove, then reinsert the battery to wake up the sensor.

  3. Find your Xiaomi sensor, should be named: LYWSD03MMC and click pair


  1. Click on Do Activation and wait a few seconds for the three fields to fill


  1. Click on Custom Firmware ver 4.2 and then Start Flashing


  1. The flashing process should take approximately a minute or so.

  1. After it finished click on Reconnect and wait for the sensor to connect


  1. Now you can configure the sensor to your liking, such as choosing between Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    For more options refer to the documentation



  1. Make sure to choose the BTHome for seamless integration in Home Assistant


  1. If you made any changes, make sure to click on send config

Integrate Xiaomi sensor in Home Assistant

Navigate to the integrations page

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

You should see the Xiaomi sensor integration


Click on “Configure” and then submit.

Congratulations! The sensor has been successfully added to Home Assistant.



very nice! Gonna try it also :slight_smile: