Xiaomi Toilet Seat Wifi


I ordered a Mi Home connected Xiaomi Japanese wc. I was wondering if it was possible to make it Home Assistant compatible as we already do with Roborocks …
if we manage to have the token of the japanese toilet, is it possible?

I don’t know how to develop, but could anyone?

It would allow you to know the temperature of one, when to change the filter and also make the toilet compatible with Alexa and Google Home!

Motivated to make a Home Assistant addon?

Link: https://a.aliexpress.com/_B0ePBC

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I installed my Japanese toilet. I connected it to wifi.

I was then on the modified mi home application and I was able to recover the token of the toilet seat.

I therefore think that it is possible to automate it on Home assistant.
I just want to have the 4 basic functions: cleaning the buttocks, front for the ladies, stop and drying on the home assistant.

If we can also have information on the headquarters that would also be a plus!

Can someone help me make this possible?

Thank you!

Anyone know how to adapt this for Home Assistant?

On m’a enfin donné la solution! Tout est ici!
Quelqu’un peut faire un add on avec?

If you pay me one, I will do it :smile:

It’s for all home assistant community.
You can do it with all function?

this is not what you want : https://github.com/scp10011/xiaomi_toiletlid/tree/master/custom_components/xiaomi_toiletlid ?

No it’s not the same.
I try and don’t work.

Mine is this model.
Someone give all thing to control it here!

I try with miiocli and it’s work!

Hey @Heracles44 to install this toilet seat did you have to plug it to the mains ? And also how have you connected the water pipes? Do you need hot and cold water to go into the toilet seat? Thanks.


Sorry I’m French.

Only cold water and yes, need electricity 220V in France.

Here is my YouTube channel with this toilet seat! It’s really great this model!

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Same topic here:

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I am all for automating things and sure it is interesting to automate everything, but I have to ask this.
Why do you want the toilet seat automated???
Why do you need even WiFi for your toilet seat?
What is the idea? You want to say “Hey Google, wash my butt” ???
Unless you specifically sit on the toilet at the exact same time every day and finish what you are doing at the exact time to have an automation take place… Even then I don’t get it. You are sitting on the toilet, you have the buttons beside you. What is the advantage of having it in Home Assistant?

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Déjà, je récupère le nombre de jours restant pour changer mon filtre à calcaire. j’ai donc fait un scénario qui m’envoie une notification pour ça!

Et oui, j’ai remonté les fonctions du WC sur Google Home pour dire “lave moi les fesses” , “sèche moi les fesses”… et ça met les paramètres préférés de chaque membre de la famille dés que google reconnait chacun grâce aux routines ^^

j’ai réussi à le domotiser grâce à miiocli :wink: