Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner Card

Guys, could somebody please explain to my how vacuum.clean_spot service is working?

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I have finished my version of this card working fine with xiaomi STYJ02YM vacuum.
Card works great for 0047 firmware.

Code for the card…
link was down i had to add it again…should be working now.


very nice! could you please upload your background pic?


Thanks. Could you please share the others image as well please ?


Thanks you !

Anyone using this with roomba?
I got a roomba i5 and using this card… but still setting this up…
Looking for a nice layout (pic)

Lovely! Looks really good and I will give it a shot. Can you share it through another link? It looks like there is something wrong with the certificate on that page :confused:

here you can get it from hacs.

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Is there a thread for this card?
I have a Neato B6 and I can’t get it to show the Cleaning stats (Cleaned Area and Cleaning time).

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Hello, I am thinking of getting myself a Xiaomi Viomi v3. Anyone know if it would be compatible with Home Assistant and/or the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum integration?

HI @Hellcube can you confirm which integration you use for the vacuum ? miio2 ?

I was able to do some integration you do but not all
like LED, locate seems not working on my vacuum styj02ym

Also all infos like filter, mop not show information

Thanks for your help


i have used miio2.

Hello comunity.
I cannot manage to launch the vacum script with the card.
Here is my script:

  alias: test
  icon: mdi:table-chair
  - data:
      command: app_zoned_clean
      - - 23081
        - 20668
        - 28131
        - 27218
        - 1
    entity_id: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
    service: vacuum.send_command

And here th code for de card:

  - icon: 'mdi:table-chair'
    name: test
    Service: script.00000000000001
  - icon: 'mdi:silverware-fork-knife'
    name: Cuisine
    service: script.Cuisine
  - icon: 'mdi:shoe-formal'
    name: Couloir
    service: script.Couloir
  - icon: 'mdi:sofa'
    name: Salon
    service: script.salon
entity: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
    - attribute: cleaned_area
      subtitle: Cleaning area
      unit: m2
    - attribute: cleaning_time
      subtitle: Cleaning time
      unit: minutes
    - attribute: filter_left
      subtitle: Filter
      unit: hours
    - attribute: side_brush_left
      subtitle: Side brush
      unit: hours
    - attribute: main_brush_left
      subtitle: Main brush
      unit: hours
    - attribute: sensor_dirty_left
      subtitle: Sensors
      unit: hours
type: 'custom:vacuum-card'

But when i click the button nothing happen.

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Hi there!
Here is my Xiaomi Vacuum clean Card.

If you like it, it’s available here:


So what part is the code? It looks amazing but i can’t find it on the github @Abeksis

Conseguiste arreglar el problema del valor del fan_speed.
Yo poseo el mismo problema.
Un saludo.

Link fixed (moved to pastebin.com old pastebin.pl is down).