Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner - new Options - Zoning


i just saw that there are new Options ins the App, now you can make a zoned Cleanup or a “go to” pin.
Which is really nice, now i can say only clean bathroom if my wife made a mess again, without closing door etc.

So it will just clean that area and goes back to the dock.

Does anyone know more about this ?
Like the zone is kind of static?

I am thinking of using this as own command, clean bathroom only, make it a switch and work with alexa then. Would kind of cool i think.
Of course then you can make a switch for every room.

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Wont work for me, all updates, mainland china but no new options shown

Did you also did the FW update of the robot itself, i think this is enabling it.

I recall the zone cleaning and go to functuon for 2nd generation vac, this came at least for me out of the box.

However for me I can define zones in the app and send the robot over to clean, did you mean that you can define several zones as rooms or match them as rooms and send the robot over?

I’m looking for this feature as well but unfortunately you have to redefine the zone everytime you use this functions.

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Exactly, i can define multiple zones, and i guessing they get some kind of an internal id, it would be cool to work with this ID, but i am not sure if this ID or the zone definition is just temporary but i guess it is.

There is an new update out for the xiaomi vacuum, that adds the functionality of the s50 (roborock) for zoned cleaning. It uses a coordinate system for the map that it creates ([x,y]). The starting point of this grid is always the station, which apparently has the coordinates [25000,25000]. I know that the guys at iobroker have now added the functionality for going to certain coordinates and cleaning certain areas.

That sounds good.

Good to know how it kind of works.
Seems to be there will be an option to to this in the near future

I’m looking for this feature as well. Imagine how cool it will be to tell Alexa “Alexa, clean the living room”, “Alexa, clean the kitchen” or “Alexa, clean the dining area”.

I was hoping to use the “send_command” from the vacuum component to send the command in its raw format, but unfortunately there seems to be a bug with the parameters. And no one has left a reply in my thread so far.

i’m wondering what are the possible values for the command parameter?

Well, the send_command command should in theory be able to send the direct command to start a zoned cleaning or to send the robot to a specific spot.The commands are: “app_goto_target” and “app_zoned_clean” which then take the coordinates as mentioned above. Unfortunately there is a bug with the parameters (as also mentioned above) - even the given example when you try to call the service does not work. If we get that fixed, it should already work.

May I know where can I find the reference to the commands that you just shared?

Sure. Here is a list of possible commands: XiaomiRobotVacuumProtocol. I also found this post in the iobroker forums useful (beware, it’s the German section).

The problem is we can’t call the command since in HA it wants a dictionary as the parameters.

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thanks. will look into it and test it myself.

Is this new zoning option for the first gen Xiaomi vacuum cleaner?

Since xiaomi has added this functionality to the v1 through a firmware update, this would also work for the v1, yes.

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From what I can tell, it’s Android only so far? My vacuum cleaner firmware and iOS app are both up-to-date but don’t have this functionality.

None of my ios or android mi app for v1 vacuum has the zone option, both app/firmware up-to-date.

Well, it is currently on the rollout, even for ios. Just google it and you will find user reporting about the update. It might help to change your region settings on the app to China., since the v1 is often times not even sold in other countries - so they may not provide any updates outside that region.

Hi guys, I updated the app switching from Europe to China Mainland to be able to use all other xiaomi devices that I have. Since that I cannot use the Vacuum with HA and Alexa. Is it changed the token or something else?

About zones, it is not possible to save them so it’s almost impossible to use them (in example if for certain reasons the map changes in size) with automations.