Xiaomi Vacuum (rooted) live map with floor plan


I made an AppDaemon app that manage to build the live map of a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with the floor plan as a background.

I’ve made it so that it does not requires anything installed on the vacuum except the SSH key (rooted).
It’s adaptable as it’s based on input numbers to position the vacuum dock on your floor plan and also to define the ratio of upscaling of the vacuum plan to match the size of the backgroung image.

Here’s what it looks like :

I had to face some issues but now it’s live and working. You can find all the sources here :

Hope some of you will enjoy this and help me enhance it :slight_smile:


Great Work! Very cool :smiley:

Does this still work with the newer FW Versions? 1633, 1780 etc?
I like the fact that the rendering is happening in HA. I might give that one a try :slight_smile:

Mine is on 1810, latest firmware available.

Exactly why I developped that. I didn’t want anything other than ssh key installed on my vacuum.

Where did you get that firmware?

I’m actually looking for the latest to Gen1 (i.e. 3466) but I cannot find that, so any leads in the right direction is appreciated!

I’ve looked through the dustcloud mirrors (i.e. https://dustcloud.seemoo.de/public/xiaomi.vacuum.gen1/ and https://dustcloud.seemoo.de/public/xiaomi.vacuum.gen2/) and tried concocting links to Xiaomi (i.e. like https://cdn.awsbj0.fds.api.mi-img.com/updpkg/v11_003466.pkg) but no luck so far.


I downloaded it from here :

The URL need to be built depending on the release, and as explained on dustcloud github, not all servers have all the releases. This URL is built with awsbj0 server.

Very clever idea, and very nice to not let the vacuum do the heavy lifting.

Curious if you have any ideas for my special setup:
I’m just dipping my toes into Appdaemon, and my plan was originally to install the community addon and go from there.
Problem is that the addon rebuilds itself on every startup and the SSH public key will be removed/void as a result, which makes connecting to the vacuum very hard. Not to mention that generating the key is an obstacle in itself.
Would my best bet be to install Appdaemon in a virtual environment (as detailed in this post or is there any other clever way to get this up and running with the addon?

Hi guys do this still work with gen 1 and HA.0.95

Amazing!would you help to show how to root xiaomi vacuum with only ssh key installed? I have no idea which type of my vacuum it is. gen1 or gen2.:thinking: thnx

Another stupid question, if i want to get wifi rssi info, Do i need to install anything except ssh key?