Xiaomi Viomi V1/V2 support

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just a quick question (hope i’m in the right section :slight_smile: ). Is possible to use “Xiaomi Viomi V2” vacuum with HA xiaomi vacuum integration? Or is here anybody who managed that?

Thank you for any input.


Have you found a solution?

When I try to setup my viomi with home-assistant, I just keep getting:
[homeassistant.components.xiaomi_miio.vacuum] Got exception while fetching the state: No response from the device

Not sure if there’s any way around it.

Unfortunately, nope. Actually i wanted to make sure it’s working before purchase (I could get it quite cheaply). Because there was no response from anybody, i rather didn’t buy it at all. :slight_smile:

Actually - it’s working fine if you install custom integration:

I simply followed the steps, and it works like a charm!


Nice! Good to know, thanks.

Hello @2hol
This has worked for me as well, thank you for sharing the link

However, I have a different (related) problem. Maybe you can shed some light?
I’m also using the HA system as a bridge to my homekit. While I see viomi in my HA, I don’t see it in homekit. Any idea why or how to configure it?


It’s working for me! Thanks!

I have now scripts to clean each room:

  alias: Viomi Clean Bedroom
  - data:
      command: set_mode_withroom
      - 0
      - 1
      - 1
      - 14
    entity_id: vacuum.viomi
    service: vacuum.send_command

- 0 (0=Normal Vacuum, 1=Edge only)
- 1 (Don’t know what it does, have to test it, maybe number of passages)
- 1 (Quantity of rooms)
- 14 (Room ID)

You can get the room IDs by trial and error, mine started from 10.

Next step multi room cleaning…



I am looking into the option to switch from Smartthings to HA, so I have set up temporary HA running on Docker on my Synology NAS. I also tried to install this integration however I get message

“Platform error vacuum.miio2 - Integration ‘miio2’ not found.”

What is the location of the maps I need to create?
I have it in/



Where can i find more info about this integration, i find the topic to generic and couldn’t make it to work.
Thanks in advance.

I was thinking if this could be integrated into the “normal” xiaomi intergration? :slight_smile:

What does not work and what did you try?
my config looks like this:


  • platform: miio2
    host: 192.168.xx.xxx
    token: xxxx
    name: Bente

@DGj I have min in /config/custom_components/miio2

Hello !

Thanks for your actual share, it helped me a lot to make basic room cleaning work and to understand how “scripts” works in HA. (It was my first one).

Did you succeed to get the multiroom cleaning ? If yes, could you share it too please ?

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Problem with Zone cleaning
Using Hacky Home assistant support for Xiaomi vacuum STYJ02YM integration"
Using home assistant version 0.116.4
The zone cleaning stopped working. it says it start cleaning and after couple seconds it state it completed and return to dock.
The script I’m using:


- data:

    command: set_language

    entity_id: vacuum.viomi

    params: 2

  service: vacuum.send_command

- data:

    command: set_mode_withroom

    entity_id: vacuum.viomi


      - 0

      - 1

      - 1

      - 13

  service: vacuum.send_command

mode: single

Any suggestions?

Try changing the room number (4th parameter)

i use this for multiroom und his works very well!

  alias: Nono - Alles ausser BAD reinigen
  - service: vacuum.send_command
      entity_id: vacuum.nono
      command: set_mode_withroom
      params: [0, 1, 4, 10, 11, 13, 14]

4 rooms, with number 10, 11, 13 and 14

and this is for my carpet in the floor

  alias: Nono - Vorzimmer Teppich reinigen
  - service: vacuum.xiaomi_clean_point
      entity_id: vacuum.nono
      point: [0,1]

the only function that would still be needed would be a remote control.

Where are the coordinates of the point? point: [0,1] - too little for coordinates

put it works good for me.