Xiaomi without Gateway and without china cloud

It is possible to pair sensors without gateway.
Whould prefer this way especially by the token readout problem with newer xiaomi home app versions.


You use the Zigate:

It allow to connect Xiaomi device directly to ha. I use it for wall switch, temperature sensor and push button, works like a charm.

Edit from 11.01.2019: I would recommend using zigbee2mqtt. Support and development is much bigger, and the key much cheaper. Range is about the same.
I have a zigate for sale if someone is interested ^^


You also have https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt



Noob question here, but do I need a zigbee stick thing to use Deconz ?
And if so, any device you can recommend ?

i think you can only use the zigbee hardware from the makers of deconz

Yes @aidbish is correct. You can either use Conbee (usb) or Raspbee (raspi hat).

Then get the deconz software working (I would suggest the hass os version because its much easier to configure). Also learn the basics of how to control a REST API.

Good luck!

I can definately recommend Deconz. I chose the Conbee USB, which worked as expected, but the Raspbee should be just as easy to setup.


I always recommend conbee over raspbee since RPI GPIO has some issues and you need to disable bluetooth. You can also choose to upgrade to a faster computer if you are not bound to RPI interfaces.

Hey everyone,

First post and just getting my feet wet in regards to HA.

I am coming from ST and a lot of my devices are ZigBee and many are Xiaomi.
I do not want to use the Xiaomi hub.

Looking at the different methods of connecting “directly”.

Out of these options, which one is the most compatible (most devices supported out of box) and easy to setup:

  • Zigbee2mqtt
  • ZiGate
  • Deconz

Also are there other options not listed here?

Thanks in advanced.

You also have the ZHA component.

How are the various options for range? I don’t have a huge house, but due to it’s age (1910 construction) it has nice thick walls which make Wifi patchy, RF seems fine but I’m not sure how hardy Zigbee is by comparison.

what do you mean with last phrase?

Zigbee (if you have mains powered devices) will mesh, so they will build up a routing table for all devices to work around signal strength issues

Ah… I mainly wanted to use the Xiaomi Wireless temp/humidity, door switches and possibly PIR sensors. None of those would be wired so I wouldn’t get those benefits.
Also I read somewhere that Xiaomi is a slightly different protocol? Although I can’t seem to find that now.

I have Tradfri lights (but the wife still uses the switches so these are not powered when they are “off”) So these wouldn’t work for being the basis of the mesh network either…

I’m starting to think maybe a Sonoff RF Bridge and some 433mhz sensors would be better :frowning:
(I’m not sure if you can get 433mhz Temp/Humidity sensors though, I’ll go check that now)

Xiaomi is the same protocol. But not all manufacturers support their sensors. If you use a third party gateway you can pair trådfri devices to the same gateway as the Xiaomi sensors

As zigbee now I have

  • Hue hub + bulbs and accessories
  • XIaomi gateway + lots of devices (door, motion, water, vibration, switch, cube)
    soon will have
  • Tradfri hub + motorized blinds (when they come out).

So far it works but I do have network issues once in a while: Zigbee and WiFi DO interfere a lot, when I add a WiFi extender (or my neighbour changes WiFI Channel) all my network (Wifi AND Zigbee) goes banana, and changing channels does NOT resolve the issue

Would be nice to have a single zigbee Hub, hoping that compatibility is not an issue, and that will solve WiFi + Zigbee interference.

I think that multiple Zigbee Hubs is worse then a single Zigbee hub as per interference.

Any thoughts?

Just to clarify, do they need to be paired with the same software or is a shared channel enough?

If you have multiple gateways on the same channel there will be interference since they don’t cooperate. You’d need one gateway to make use of the mesh between devices.

It is easy enough to put zigbee and wifi on different channels that don’t overlap.

One gateway over multiple is definitely a strength for devices joining the mesh and also less things that might break.

I myself run conbee+deconz which works great for me.

Tried that in all possible combination with no result.
Always looking at a WiFi analyser app.
When I turned off an extender,… puff… everything started working again