Xiaomi Yeelight E27 bulb component

I wrote up some detailed instructions here. Not sure if they are still up to date.

In new yeelight app it looks like this.

Development mode is renamed to lan control.

Hmm, I saw the new app and was wondering if I needed to update the instructions. I don’t have rights to edit that post anymore though.

Maybe that should be changed in yeelight component page?

Do you have time to do it? Ill try to get my app updated and submit the pull request this weekend I don’t see a change before then.

I have time. But i don’t have confidence in my english. :slight_smile: i would rather leave that to someone who is more fluent in english. And for this comment google is my friend. :slight_smile:

Gotcha, Ill try to get to it this weekend.

I have version 3.0.03 and it does not have lan control

developement mode is turn on the phone in phone setting if that matters

My app is also 3.0.03. Is your firmware 1.4.1_48? And is your server Mainland China?

the firmware is 1.2.4_18. just I just this from the android market ,
the server is the US

You must update bulb to newer firmware.

I see that… am trying everything to upgrade the firmware but its not allowing me to update it… amusing the US firmware is that a factor?

change it to mainland china

thanks I finally got it working … again thanks switching to china did the trick. again thks

I have 3 hue bulbs and one of them is also buzzing when dimmed


I am experiencing the same issue. How to correctly configure the transition for the yeelight bulb?

Do you like to test a new / experimental version of the light.xiaomi_miio component?



I had 5 yeelight bulbs connected to Hassio for awhile. They were all discovered automatically, I didn’t need to add anything in the config for them to appear in the front end.

But all of a sudden, all my bulbs disappeared from Hassio. They work correctly from the Yeelight app.

Can anyone tell me why they would suddenly disappear like this? I’m on Hassio 61.1.


I have this problem

2018-02-14 18:52:42 ERROR (SyncWorker_16) [homeassistant.components.light.yeelight] Failed to connect to bulb, yeelight_rgb_286c0710xxxx: A socket error occurred when sending the command.

the code after yeelight_rgb is the MAC address, so it means HASSIO it DID connect (otherwise HASSIO how can know the mAc address of the yeelight bulb)?

My lights show unavailable … ?