Xknx --- Names and unique IDs

I would like to setup my Home-Assistant using xknx, in order to have all my knx relevant stuff in one place.
Everything works as expected, but I’d love to name my entities. Cause right now in my Lovelace UI, the name of my light e.g is light.knx.buero. But I’d love a more readable name. I tried the name property in the
xknx config, but that doesn’t seem to work.

        light.knx.buero:  { name: 'Licht Büro', group_address_switch: '0/1/11', group_address_switch_state: '0/4/11'}

Is there a way to give my entities a nicer name?

Oh… and while I am here…
Is it normal that I can’t change anything from those switches/sensors using the UI, right? Cause it’s all in my config file, right?

Sorry for the german screenshot. It says something like “The entitiy does not have a unique ID, so you can’t make any changes using the UI”. Is there a way to give the entity a unique ID?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Using yaml, in your customize.yaml file:

  friendly_name: 'Licht Büro'
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Awesome! Thanks!


    "Licht KNX Büro": {...}


If not you can always configure from HA configuration.yaml with the syntax from the HA documentation - this supports name strings. So you don’t have to override the names and have your config in multiple files again.

Xknx doesn’t support configuration from the UI - it’s not implemented even if you found a way to assign unique ids.

For me the customize.yaml approach is fine. I e.g. have some humidity sensors that I need to adopt anyway in order for them to display data. So that’s fine!
But thank you very much for your help and clarification about the unique-id-thing @farmio!!!