Yale Assure Lock 2 WIFI Question

I’m looking to purchase a couple of Yale Assure Lock 2s and integrating them with HA but unsure if I should get the Z-wave or Wifi version. Can anyone tell me if using the WIFI version it has to communicate with the Yale Cloud first via the August integration (August - Home Assistant) before then sending a signal via HA to the locks? Ultimately I need the fastest solution since I’m trying to unlock multiple doors once one door has been unlocked. That makes me think Z-wave is the better option
, however I need to retain access to the Yale app for one of the users who will NOT have HA on their phone, therefore it seems like I need the wifi version which lets you use the Yale connect app.

Alternatively it seems like according to the August integration docs I could get the August connect bridge and use that with the Yale assure lock, so I’m wondering if that means I could use the Z-wave version locally with the bridge and still use the app via Wifi to communicate remotely.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Just installed a Yale Assure Lock 2. Had to install the smartphone app and create an account to do anything, which I’m not always crazy about, but whatever. Through the app you then connect the lock to your 2.4GHz wifi network. I was hoping HA would just see it like other wifi devices, but you acutally have to add the supported August/Yale Home HA integration. Once I provided my new Yale account credentials & authentication pin that was emailed, it immediately found my new lock and added everything.

It’s only been installed a few hours. I also have a Zigbee Yale lock which sometimes loses connection from HA, and you have to kind of ‘wake’ it by pressing a key on the lock, then HA sees it again. Sometimes an HA ping reconnects it. It’s on a door we don’t use frequently, so hard to say how often it loses connection. I’m assuming this wifi lock will be much more reliable, but there is stuff written about wifi functionality being a battery drain and to wait for a Matter version coming later this year. If I have a real battery problem, I guess I’ll look into getting the Matter module to replace my wifi one (it just plugs in).

Hi all. The Zwave module isn’t working out for me. I’m considering replacing it with Wifi… or just waiting for Matter.

Does the wifi module require cloud access after initial setup, or does the HA integration talk directly?

Good discussion here on it: Experiences with a Yale Assure Lock 2 (YRD420) and a 700 series Smart Module (AYR-MOD-ZW3) · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · Discussion #5391 · GitHub

I am using the ZWave but I bought the modules from a guy on eBay. Supposedly the ones that Yale ships to consumers are old generation.

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Thanks — that’s super helpful. Can you tell me which ebay seller it was? I assumed that buying new straight from Yale would get me the latest and best… sheesh.

Curious if you found out more info on what this bridge does and if it is needed with the wifi version of the Assure Lock 2? From other responses it seems it’s not required. Seems the Wi-Fi version of the lock works fine, though it must be setup with the Yale app and leverage the august integration.

Do you know if with the wifi version of the Assure Lock 2 if when locked via HA, does HA communicate with Yale’s cloud service and it’s the cloud service that signals the Assure Lock 2 to lock?

If you don’t know what is fine, I could just buy one and before installing it figure all this out. Thanks!

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