Yale Smart Alarm Sensors

I’m looking for some help on where to start by adding a binary sensor component for the Yale Smart Alarm.

Currently HomeAssistant supports the Yale Alarm System but only for the Alarm Control Panel.

However, the component HA uses also includes the functionality to get the status of the door sensors,
The component is here:

It provides the function

Which returns an array of states for all the door contact sensors on the system.

Can anyone provide me with assistance to create the binarysensors.py file.


Would be very interested in this too, I have spent an hour or two looking at this and trying to pick apart the code and looking at other components that return sensors. However, given that I know no Python whatsoever I have concluded that I am completely out of my depth!! :rofl:

With my incredibly limited knowledge it looks like it should be possible, but I just don’t have the skills or knowledge to do it sadly. It looks like the door sensor info was added to the Yale python client in February of this year, which is way after the original Yale HA component was created. Hoping someone might be able to help with this as it would be great to utilize my existing door sensors!

Have you had any luck with this?

Afraid not, i have been snowed under with work otherwise i would have given it a bash.