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Yale Smart Alarm System


Hi all,

I have the Yale Smart Alarm but cant really find a way of integrating it at the moment with Home Assistant.

From this thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/homebridge/comments/7paolx/homebridge_plugin_for_the_yale_smart_alarm_system/

The above thread suggests integration with any system should be possible as the Yale API has been put into a single standalone node.js file.

Now that is beyond my capabilities at the moment. Anyone any ideas, pointers to anything that might help?


You have my vote :slight_smile:


The GitHub page with the api is:

This looks like it would be possible but I’m just not sure where to start.

Hopefully someone might be able to advise/assist…


Hi I don’t think this works anymore as the we site he’s code links to is no longer active.
Yale smart alarm is all done through the app

Hitting google it has been done with smartthing


Hi @phairplay I’ve never done anything with SmartThings. Do you have the link for anything you found though?


@phairplay I think I found it. It looks “simple” enough!!! haha


So even though the website front end doesn’t load it can still be accessed.


Is this within your skills capabilities to build/develop? I’m happy to work with you to try and get this going as it would be awesome for me!


I have no coding skills
I know it’s done via http post and get and requires the cookies.


ive had a crack at this but i keep getting


import requests
import webbrowser

url = “https://www.yalehomesystem.co.uk/homeportal/api/login/check_login

payload = {‘username’: ‘[email protected]’, ‘password’: ‘mypass’}

with requests.session() as s:
# fetch the login page
s.get(url, data=payload)


# post to the login form
r = s.post(url1, data=payload)

could someone please help, what am i missing?


so with my next to zero coding skills and a lot of googling this code works

from requests import session

payload = {
    'action': 'login',
    'id': 'xxxxxxx',
    'password': 'xxxxxxx'

with session() as c:
    c.post('https://www.yalehomesystem.co.uk/homeportal/api/login/check_login', data=payload)
    response = c.get('https://www.yalehomesystem.co.uk/homeportal/api/panel/get_panel_mode')

here is the reponse


Does anyone know how I can get this to keep checking the status?


Sounds promising!! So is this a python script?


Yes it is I’m now trying to find away to run this in home assistant


I was lacking the Yale Alarm integration too so I’ve created a component which should appear in 0.78, all going to plan.

It supports arm away, arm home (night) and disarm.

Docs will appear here with 0.78: https://www.home-assistant.io/components/alarm_control_panel/

I’ve also dropped a Python client on PyPi for any non-HA integration’s: https://pypi.org/project/yalesmartalarmclient/


@Tempestuous wow, well done! This is the missing piece of my smart home automation. Do you need any beta testing help? I’m happy to help if you do…


That’d be great, I’ll PM :slight_smile:


I’d also be interested in this! Great work :smile:


@toliver it’s a live component from release 0.78

Works awesomely well though


Thanks! Just upgraded and it works perfectly :slight_smile:


The component is great! Thanks guys for the implementation.

Could I get sensors like an integrated Yale doorman and motion sensors as well?