Yamaha audio DSP MTX 3/5 & MRX

Hi I have one of these units and whilst there is a custom app for apple and android I would rather integrate into home assistant to allow volume and mutes

I have the device driver information and can control through other hardware like crestron

Has anyone got any tips on creating a basic volume slider and mute button ?

Unfortunately this device is from the commercial platform and doesn’t show under either of the existing integrations so need to look at creating one but never done it before

This is the api we have used to link in Crestron and AMX so I have all the commands I need just not in home assistant yet :frowning:

The addition of the API and request for help to create makes this a better [FR] so I moved the topic to there. You may want to vote for it and provide anything else that might help you get someone to help.
More about Feature Requests.