Year of the Voice - Chapter 2: Let's talk

I have seen the live stream, and it is great that we now have the esphome voice assistant client (the old Rhasspy Satellite)

but is there also coming a client (satelite) for the raspberry pi or other pc software?

In my living room I have a raspberry pi touchscreen with a WM8960_Audio_HAT this one has mics build in. I bought this always with in my mind to run it as a rhasspy satelite. but now that this is build in home assistant, I do not want to install Rhasspy any more.

currently I see the falsest why to run this is to install some kind of voip/sip client on my raspberry pi. it would be nice to have some sort of voice client software.(can be in the browser it is running chrome)

@synesthesiam which is the correct address to call Home Assistant Assist using the android sip client mizudroid?

Why is this not answered?

2023.5 is released on Wednesday.

The answer is in your post. You aren’t running the required version of HA for this.

We’ve added a new [Voice Assistant]( component that allows you to use ESPHome devices as an input for [assist]( in Home Assistant 2023.5 or later.

is it work for someone with 2023.5.0dev core? is someone try it?

Because im still in 2023.4.6 core i understand i have to wait tomorow.

But in my second instance of HA which is 2023.5.0dev still not work when i press the button, i mean i doesnt have the error about start voice_assistant could not start, i mean, it seems it start but nothing append in HA, no response.


You should wait for the release, or seek support on discord, as you were already told on the ESPHome github. No need to cross-post the same question.

Maybe stupid question, but is there a way to use a plain microphone attached to a PC to test the voice functionality? Besides the ESPHome way, it’s not clear to me how to feed HA with voice data…


Yes, just configure your voice assistant and use Assist icon in top right corner of your dashboard

Once the voip integration is installed, it should be the IP of your Home Assistant server with port 5060.

Thanks. Are you talking about this?
I had the microphone icon at the red spot (I guess that’s what you mean) on one chromium browser at one point, but I cannot get it back anymore :roll_eyes:

Yes. Is your voice assistant configured with speech-to-text engine? Are you connected via HTTPS?

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Ah ok, my test HA is not SSL enabled. Will try that, thanks.

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I have to re-ask here. Is there a thread or area where such questions (why is this or that in commands) not working oder not working as expected or …?

So instead of opening separate threads here where most probably the rule knowing people, language repsonsibles, etc. will not even see them.

This is the best place as it is full of people interested in the feature.

The reason you probably did not get an answer is because your question was far too vague.

What specifically is not working?

Give examples.

E.g., If syntax is

"Wie [hoch|niedrig] ist die Temperatur [<von_dem>] <name>"


"Wie ist die Temperatur Heizung Büro"

work, if the Entity Name is “Heizung Büro”?

Unfortunately I don’t know as I don’t speak German.

Shouldn’t matter here, should it? Read it technically. Even if the words would be xxx or yyy. I follow the rule, think so.

Nope. No idea what you are saying.

What is a von_dem?

What is a hoch|niedrig?