Yeelight bulb lost its white temperature control

I’m using the standard Yeelight integration. It worked fine for a year but lately it lost the white balance (temperature) control. I tried adding the “model” parameter but none worked. My bulb is the YLDP05YL E27 bulb (as far as I can tell).

Any clues? Thanks!

I have the same problem for months now. Only occurs on the dual white version, no problems with the color version.

looking at the YLDP05YL isn’t known.

try type mono1 -

OR Raise an issue at✓&state=all and"integration%3A+yeelight"

Thanks. Weird is it worked as expected for more than a year for me, up to a few weeks ago. Mono1 and mono2 do not work. I’ll raise an issue, thanks.

there was a change in the way the Yeelight integration works, in 0.111