Yeelight - Component not found

I’m trying to add some Yeelight bulbs to my home assistant but can’t get it to work. They weren’t automatically discovered so I tried adding them manually as per the guide:

      name: test bulb 1

I get this error in the log “Unable to find component yeelight” and “Setup failed for yeelight: component not found”

pip list of homeassistant venv shows yeelight (0.5.0) installed.

Anyone got any suggestions what I should try? Sorry if this is noob

Can you format your code properly please?

The preview shows the indents but when I post it they get removed. How do I make it keep them?

Type three backticks (```) above and below the code.

Thanks, sorted!

What version (number) of Home Assistant are you running?


When I look at loaded components through the GUI yeelight isn’t listed. I assume it should be if everything is working correctly?

You’re homeassitant version is quite old. Back then yeelight was a subset of the light platform before being broken out as it’s own platform at around 0.91.

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Damn, I saw that bug and thought I’d checked the version I’m running was newer. I must have got my wires crossed somewhere.

I’ll try updating to latest HA and see if that fixes it. First attempt has failed as I need a newer version of Python than what’s installed with Rasbian. Now I have to work out how to update Python which doesn’t look straight forward.

I’ll post back with the outcomes. Thanks for the help.

You’re making a huge leap in home assistant version btw. You should read the release notes for each version, especially the breaking changes, before updating and make any changes to your config as needed.


Just to confirm, I’ve update to the latest HA and the Yeelight component is working great now. Thanks for the help everyone.

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