Yeelight led ceiling light compatible with HA


Amazing :slight_smile:
The best would be to create a new light entity for the background light. Because it has all features of a regular yeelight light.
Sorry for the ceiling light 650 you have two entities. One for the main light and one for the rgb background.

Can you also add a way to switch the main light between moonlight mode and normal mode? Maybe an additional switch in the light popup?


I’ve done the same for the Xiaomi Eyecare Light in the past. Multiple entities shouldn’t be a problem. A mode switch isn’t possible right now.


Is it possible to adjust brightness in moon mode for yeelight 650?


I was thinking about remapping brightness for the lamps with moonlight: 0-10% in HA translates to 0-100% in moonlight mode and 11%-100% maps to 0-100% in “normal mode”. I have a PoC that it’s possible but it needs cleaning up before I can submit it as PR. It’s not too complex so I don’t mind if you reimplement it, I’d need a week or two to finish it up.


I also recently started to looking at more user friendly Moon mode setting, and some more yeelight functionality. I’ve started to think if yeelight couldn’t be platform. Then it could provide switch and sensor. Switch for power mode and sensor to read current power mode, and other properties returned by underlying lib. With lovelace ui magic, it should be possible to make nice cards with yeelight full control, power mode and exact state display / control.


Its easy to make switch and sensor via shell_command, but platform would be better


This would be cool.


This is my current mood/normal switch, it works great:


    name: Yeelight mode
      - "normal"
      - "moonlight"
    icon: mdi:weather-night


- alias: Input select triggered Yeelight 2
  hide_entity: true
    platform: state
    entity_id: input_select.yeelight_mode
    - condition: state
      entity_id: light.yeelight_lights_2
      state: 'on'  
    - service: light.yeelight_set_mode
        - light.yeelight_ceiling_7c49ebb212
        - light.yeelight_ceiling_7c49ebb3a0
        - light.yeelight_ceiling_7c49ebb3a6
        mode: '{{ states.input_select.yeelight_mode.state }}'

In Lovelace I have an entity card and I added: