Yet another Sonoff/eWeLink Component with local (LAN) control for original firmware

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  • work with original Sonoff firmware
  • work over local network (LAN)
  • work with devices without DIY-mode
  • work with devices in DIY-mode
  • support single and multi-channel devices
  • support TH and POW device attributes
  • support Sonoff RF Bridge 433 for receive and send commands
  • instant device state update with Multicast
  • (optional) get devices list from eWeLink servers (with names and apikey/devicekey) and save it locally
  • (optional) change device type (switch, light or fan)
  • (optional) set multi-channel device as one light with brightness control

Link to component:


Works with pow r2 ?

Yes, works.

This looks really promising. I’m going to try it.


In your last update sonoff POW r2 stop working Unknown device_class 1000853db7

9:40 custom_components/sonoff/ (ER

@nelsonamen oh, sorry. I added fix to this situation.

Could you enable DEBUG log and see what type the device sends?

Properties: {'txtvers': '1', 'id': '1000123456', 'type': 'strip', 'apivers': '1'...

its working now thanks!!

i dont now if is this but i will paste it

2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Add service eWeLink_1000853db7._ewelink._tcp.local.
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Properties: {‘txtvers’: ‘1’, ‘id’: ‘1000853db7’, ‘type’: ‘enhanced_plug’, ‘apivers’: ‘1’, ‘seq’: ‘9’, ‘encrypt’: True, ‘iv’: ‘Nzc5NDk4OTA3OTY4NDU3NQ==’, ‘data1’: ‘jRmv9EECOl+wAw91ULod/kZPTOIDPlLR0l0TCCMxjzsxYMvDOxlsL2UOoaxoPvWxapUwLNLFRSbjJhF3nVYRsYyjLuIgu+SeywM2jlNM1E2jTS1VoGSoZeFcKmDI2ougvJjjqIzWoIfwd3In0EYVMuOgDy0Jz8lwpbh0tDPJnJjgFYjGi1/cqQ5x8+4TMmyyHAnJoQwj8gmeczoIHrvoaYbsgrSTbS+YETUtMjbEgohu8dLi67NgiFAG3’, ‘data2’: ‘ikMbYz+’}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] State: {‘alarmVValue’: [-1, -1], ‘alarmCValue’: [-1, -1], ‘alarmPValue’: [-1, -1], ‘switch’: ‘on’, ‘startup’: ‘on’, ‘pulse’: ‘off’, ‘pulseWidth’: 500, ‘sledOnline’: ‘off’, ‘power’: 0, ‘voltage’: 231.61, ‘current’: 0}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Add service eWeLink_100072b9cd._ewelink._tcp.local.
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Properties: {‘txtvers’: ‘1’, ‘id’: ‘100072b9cd’, ‘type’: ‘enhanced_plug’, ‘apivers’: ‘1’, ‘seq’: ‘18’, ‘encrypt’: True, ‘iv’: ‘Mjc4NjU3NjAyODA2NDk2Mw==’, ‘data1’: ‘Q73kan8eJeo4ZKalCIyruLunclKOMSlKQ4n3tfsg8P8cmsrP1nanvTVQjz1pNvAhXIaZsnzxUBDlDi/e5mEZkOscbDvDB85NlM2VdFk0zyL4FcpIUBg8fygxHlayaed+ybmSyXzwe5Bh883H18U6Mcxl4It7jpKLQGN0rU7D7vDKkE3Y9kmCWXF6nP6KqvFBi5p29jsqpOZqA1y46I3+3s7RI5QpX4hXmcFAn3kgpeDEB0Hx6bYXFc2Mk’, ‘data2’: ‘a+LRVRw’}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] State: {‘alarmVValue’: [-1, -1], ‘alarmCValue’: [-1, -1], ‘alarmPValue’: [-1, -1], ‘switch’: ‘on’, ‘startup’: ‘on’, ‘pulse’: ‘off’, ‘pulseWidth’: 500, ‘sledOnline’: ‘on’, ‘power’: 0, ‘voltage’: 230.86, ‘current’: 0}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Add service eWeLink_1000686bc0._ewelink._tcp.local.
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] Properties: {‘txtvers’: ‘1’, ‘id’: ‘1000686bc0’, ‘type’: ‘plug’, ‘apivers’: ‘1’, ‘seq’: ‘25’, ‘encrypt’: True, ‘iv’: ‘NTE2OTk4MDc3Mjc5NTIwNQ==’, ‘data1’: ‘O1QhwMsc0/d9g4PGZxkqKQ5gpQRd4Tk6F2OmqCxrLQnpfujTDofunH3pUtebG06bQ+RzSS2q4Yz6BwvKHh7SaC3bkHXRufPNwZfX2ztG1jM+D9NaevYRt6VQfIP1yMv9’}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 DEBUG (zeroconf-ServiceBrowser__ewelink._tcp.local.) [custom_components.sonoff] State: {‘switch’: ‘off’, ‘startup’: ‘off’, ‘pulse’: ‘off’, ‘sledOnline’: ‘off’, ‘pulseWidth’: 500, ‘rssi’: -59}
2020-02-12 15:20:23 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setting up alexa_media

why the power never work

[switch.sonoff_100072b9cd state: on power: 0

Thanks. I was looking for enhanced_plug. I didn’t think that there are so many types of devices.

new update works!!
the (power: 0) state do not work.

I see that the device always sends power 0. I do not know why. I do not have this sonoff. Maybe other users will tell what is displayed on their device.

Has anyone with a sonoff pow r2 (with the latest version) checked whether the data on power/voltage/amps are constantly updated? At the moment I am using the integration of peterburga and I was wondering if with this integration was possible to solve this problem!

No support of sonoff bridge binary sensors like smoke detector or movement detector? In this project there is support of binary sensors

Thank you for getting this setup for us! I love when a component is improved! So far so good on my end.

Thanks again for the work you put into this!

@evgenfed I don’t have smoke detector or movement detector. Only RF buttons / switches and RF bridge. I do not know how they should work.

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@AlexxIT, I think you can take any RF button and set up it as alarm sensor in sonoff bridge for testing. May be implement code from peterburga project (file