YET another take on an alarm system


HI first thanks so much fro the alarm panel works really great.
Question is it possible to remove the “Home” button I only need an “away” option to set the alarm



Is it possible to link a regular sensor that isnt a binary sensor?

For example, my garage door status comes through HASS as a normal sensor “sensor.garage_door_status”

I was able to accomplish this using:
- platform: template
friendly_name: “Garage Door”
device_class: opening
value_template: “{{ is_state(‘sensor.garage_door_status’, ‘open’) }}”


it’s easier - just manually add your sensor in an appropriate section of alarm.yaml.


After deleted the alarm.json, rebooted the system, i’m still unable to make the alarm work again, i’m I the only one with this problem ?


I just updated to the latest version of all files (I was previously on the old UI) but I can’t get into the GUI settings page. As soon as I click on the icon for the settings I get error logs and no password will work…

2018-12-22 11:24:15 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201812112] Uncaught ReferenceError: sha256_digest is not defined

Any ideas?


ok, I appear to have fixed it. There were two more .js files that I didnt have since they arent discussed in the docs.


I have working Alarm panel but I can’t figure out where I can change temp. from celcius to farenhiet. I have imperial in confiuration.yaml but in alarm panel temp shows only in Celcius. Any way to change to Farenhiet?
Using DarkSky for the weather.


If your darksky temperture read F then it should read from that.



Just updated to the new UI.

Going into the panel iframe, click on settings, enter the password


and … nothing, all stuck???


probably muy same error, but which js files?


I had the same issue.

  • alarm.yaml This files stores your alarm configuration. An options page will be created for this file
  • custom_components/alarm_control_panel/ The brains of the operation. This is the logic of the custom alarm system
  • panels/alarm.html This is the interface for the custom alarm component. It’s actually optional as the alarm will function without it but recommended for ease of setup
  • www/alarm/[ALL FILES] These files control how the interface looks and feels www/lib/[ALL FILES] These files add additional functionality to the interface in order to work
  • www/images/ha.png An image file used for the interface log


Ok finally I think I got it, but when in settings I can’t go full page,
Clicking on the 3 bertical lines does nothing, tried with 2 browsers


Hi guys,

I’m missing the sensors information under the passcode or where you can choose the alarm type.

Do I need to enable this somewhere? (could not find it).


It shows up when you arm the alarm.


Hi mate, tnx for your reply!

When I arm the alarm the sensors do not show up on my end :frowning: . Only when I click the sensor button on the bottom. But not all on one screen. See screenshots:


That’s how it works.


jscolor.js and sha256.js from here


Yep, I also wish to have them on the same page, at least the active sensors (as was before)


Great project, just installed! Excited to get up and running


Anyone know how you can add another button to the keypad screen? I’d like to add one that toggles an input boolean on / off when pressed (no need to validate PIN etc)