YoLink integration

I’d be interested in staying up to date with the integration as well.

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Same, I am really interested in this integration.

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Following this conversation. Ordered YoLink sensors, I hope soon there will be a solution to integrate them to HA.

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I can’t believe more people aren’t using YoLink devices. Any reason why not?
I’d love to be able to test but I can’t say that I’m a “developer”

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Got my API keys a couple of days ago… hoping to dig into it this weekend and see what I can do. I’ve written plugins for SmartThings/Hubitat in the past but this will be my first journey into HA plugins.


Any Progress on the Yo-link for HA?


I’m following this topic with great interest!

I was shopping to buy some sensors and came across Yolink. But until there is a HA integration and it allows local access, it will not work for me (an island in the Bahamas). I am happy to contribute and buy/ship a few items to others as needed.

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Is there any news on this. I am also very interested in the integration of the YoLink devices into HA!

I’m interested as well

I’ve got a bunch of YoLink devices: Garage Door Sensors, Door Sensors, Water Sensors… And I planned to get more things, but I want to see homeassistant integration before I do much more. They’re the only thing I have right now that doesn’t have an integration.


So what all is involved here?
What type of developer is needed?
I’m willing to invest some money if we can outsource the solution.

Of course, better question - why hasn’t YoLink jumped all over this? I think their stuff is amazing and incredibly affordable.

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I’m curious if there was any developments in your journey into creating a HA plugin for YoLink?

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I haven’t heard anything. I’m still trying to figure out how much work would be involved.

This doesn’t help me much but maybe it can help someone else:

YoLink (and YoSmart SmartHome) API: Document

Seems strange the person that started this post has their account suspended.

I’ve sent an email to the person’s email listed in the API docs.

Stay tuned.

This is the response I got back:


I’m glad to hear from you!

Our official Home Assistant plug-in is under development, which does not require users to apply for additional API keys.

We also had suspended the API key application channel for individual end-users. Later, end-users can directly manage their sec key and authorizations in the YoLink app.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Best Regards

Chi Yao


Thanks man, that makes me hopeful!

I’m following too. YoLink intregration with HA is a must for me to jump in. Anyone knows of a possible ETA for this integration?

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Looking forward to this intergration becoming available!

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I would be interested in hearing more about this also. Looking to automate a mailbox that is near the street.