YoLink integration

Firmware update on my Speaker Hub to 0406 and is now working in HA in the UK

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I have managed to do the same update but mine’s Yolink device statuses are still shown as “unknown” in HA

Have you restarted the integration?

I have tried everything! I have restarted the hub, I even removed the the integration but i can’t get it to install. I suspect that I fat fingered credentials on the one and ONLY time it was asked on the first attempt of installing fresh. The only LOGICAL explanation is the credentials are saved somewhere within and no one knows how to clear them.

Does anyone know if integration of the Smart IR Remote might be in the works? I would really like to try Home Assistant to improve my YoLink setup, but that device is pretty central for me.

Which remote are you asking about? I didn’t know they made an IR Remote.
I know they have several different “Fob” remotes. Those are already integrated.

I use it to control a heat pump.

Ah yes. I tried that and mine sits unused as it does not interface well with anything but their app. As I said, I scrapped mine and went with BroadLink RM4 Pro And I am seriously satisfied because it integrates with HA. So if you like creating your own button dash board like I do, You would love it as well! Best part, slightly off topic, is what you program with their app is available on their app and separately, what you program in HA, is available in HA so it can easily be the Action in scripts and Automation.

Thanks, I will consider it. Since I’m completely naive to HA, I was wondering who ends up doing these integrations, and if anyone would be able to integrate the YoLink IR remote… or if as you imply, it can’t interface, period.

Also, sorry for the ignorance, but if I did get the BroadLink device, I could integrate it in HA so it could interact with the other YoLink devices I use that do have HA integration, correct?

It’s there now!

Very interesting statement. I am sure there are as many answers as there are users, But I will give you my best sincere reply… All devices have their own platform and functionally. I look at this as the base of the pyramid of automation; that is they provide their service independently provide. Following the pyramid, the next level up are devices that interact with others on their provided platform. To best visualize the potential, think of Amazon Alexa, Google, and many other “Voice Assistants”. It is important to visualize that each have their own platform and capabilities and integrations. With that in mind, as you continue up the pyramid these “Smart” devices and platforms integrate providing a compiled and robust “Smart” services that we all envision. For me, there are several layers of the pyramid; some of the mid layers devices integrate together and rise to the next level as one… But ultimately you have your peak, the top. That is where Home Assistant is. By itself, it does dot have much provided, but it integrates with platforms below. That is why you commonly see statements like “works with” in advertising. For me, Home Assistant has exceeded all expectations! BUT it is “Open Source”, meaning that many contributors provide integrations, code, knowledge, and expertise making it what it is without direct compensation. Each have provided extensive documentation, and are available for support (Provided that you have done your diligence reading the the documentation provided, as well as the discussions on the forums).

With that said, the BroadLink is not for the meek, as it is involved; however, like the cliché, no pain, no gain. Additionally, the HA integration provides the capability of automations like turning on an IR or RF device when condition(s) are triggered like temperature, time, etc. Again, BroadLink provides the ability to replace the remote with a “smart” universal remote controlled by your own scripts and automations,

So, short answer… Yes. Recommend you think of what you would like to accomplish and take the time to read the documentation provided here. The results are directly proportional to the efforts and time invested. For the 2700++ integrations, I would recommend browsing this link. Best of luck, and remember, we are all here to assist so we can all advance together.

anyone from yolink that can give us an update on mult-home integration?

When is the HUB 3 going to work with this integration?

Anyone having problems with upgrading to 2024.4 from 2024.3.3? I upgraded and the entire yolinkn integration will no longer load properly. I had to roll back… Thoughts?

I had to reload the YoLink integration after upgrading. I just gave things a once-over before replying and things look good. I’ve got a few temp sensors, a few door sensors, a couple of plugs, a relay module, and a couple of fobs. Using a wired yolink hub plus a speakerhub as a backup.

Thank you @pidiot … Mine wasn’t able to reload… maybe I will reconsider… anyone with any yolink motion sensors have any issues with 2024.4?


I tried again and had to wait about 30 minutes for the reload to complete (the error message was immediate but I had to go to a meeting but happened to see about 30 minutes latrer some the “unavailable” sensors became available one at a time over the course of 15 minutes or so)… - the red reload error in the HA UI for this integration was showing this popup message (only if you hold your mouse over the highlighted error message):

(‘010301’ Access denied due to limits reached, please retry later.')

I did a search and this is returned from the Yolink API. It is possible they were having a server issue - not sure. I have 66 Yolink devices by the way.

I tried the reload again later and there was no issue - it reloaded quickly and successfully. I believe Matrix2 (the developer) told me there was a limit to the number of requests that can be made of their servers at the same time by any one connection and that was 100 simultaneous requests.

Who knows.

I have two yolink motion sensors and both continue to work fine after updating to 2024.4.