YoLink integration

So I noticed the Hub 3 is no longer being listed on Yolink’s website. I decided to email them about it and they answered back and confirmed that it’s being delayed. I’m not surprised, but I’m still very disappointed. I just want to know if this thing is worth waiting for. But we have absolutely no details if it will work locally because it’s a Matter bridge or through some other means.

I want to just start loading up on zigbee sensors. But I keep holding out because I really like Yolink. They’ve been so reliable for me the past 3 years. Plus I don’t have to worry about building out a good zigbee network or anything like that. LoRa just works regardless of range or placement.

I don’t know if I’m going to keep holding out. It could be Apirl or June until we get an answer. So I’ll just be upset for now lol.

Go with Shelly. There is a service I just heard, called OnSiteMonitor.com, they have just started working with Shelly to set something up as well…

@gpranzo, sad news. @Eric-YoLink no longer works at YoLink. I am certain everyone here agrees, he will be missed.

Also ys7904-uc not working in Water Exhausted Monitor mode, sensor is always showing up as Dry.

I submitted an inquiry form this week asking about the availability of local control. Below is the response I received. Sounds promising, but no specific timeline…


That would be nice. Been a long time coming!!

End of 2nd quarter means June I guess. That assumes that their 1st quarter begins in January though. This also assumes that they they’re being honest and that they’re able to hit this target date.

I’ll believe it when I see it. That’s all I have to say since we’ve heard this song and dance several times before.

I wrote request too.

I’m, personally, will continue build my house on YoLink products. And waiting hub 3 version:-)

I wonder if they mean when they say offline - not through your ISP to their servers but instead through a sim card to their servers and you are paying for that additional connectivity as well… I hope they get the design right this time and understand that local does not mean an API call to the hub which then calls their servers which then talk to the hub and the sensors. Sheesh

The check is in the mail

A SIM only makes sense for alarm type applications. If it’s for normal connectivity, that would require maintaining a cellular connection the entire time the other internet is down. That would be silly.
But, just making a call out for an alarm event might make sense.

I mean, I would never use it. I also wouldn’t want to pay for that extra line every month. Local control is good enough for me.

I hope it will be local control and SIM for backup remote option. For me it’s actually perfect loraWan hub if I can controll all options locally from Home assistant - send sms through hub, why not of you lose Internet - nice idea. Actually my Internet already backuped by 5g modem…

You can have line for $7 per month, I have that kind of SIM for my motorcycle alarm. $7 for line and they will bill you for SMS or data you use.