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Wooo buddy this got interesting! I was one of the people a loooooong time ago that was going to work on an integration. It’s interesting to see eric come back around – I thought he got kicked out? Anyway… @andrew.kalek is definitely not crazy, there is (some kind of) MQTT access available but only if you have the magical API key. I was one of those few who has one as well, although I haven’t spent much time on it.

At this point, I’ve given up hope writing an HA integration just because of this API requirement. If user’s can’t get it, what’s the point of writing and giving it out? I’ve been watching my own MQTT stream from their cloud but haven’t really received anything yet (I only have four devices) but I’ll shoot out some information if it comes across.

Sorry y’all… I, along with many others, had hoped this turned out better. Since this is all ESP based, the next solution might be repurposing the hardware with our own software?

Just some thoughts…


Howdy! Yolink support resolved one of my issues. with the latest firmware, the “Open Reminder” now seems to work. It’s still kind of useless for my gate since it is an “open reminder” and the yolink switch for the gate reads “closed” when, in fact, the gate is “open”. But one step at a time. :slight_smile:

Hi, newbee to this. I am not a code writer. Recently started with Yolink. Super impressed with the range. Not sure yet on battery life. Previously had Kwikset wifi deadbolts, SUPER BATTERY SUCKERS. Maybe 2 months. I am 700 miles from my cabin. Can’t be there to change batteries.
So I want to see how this works. But new to this HA stuff. Whats the deal. Sounds like some pretty unhappy folks.

Wow this thread was an interesting read. Almost as much drama as some of the TV shows I’ve seen :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’m slightly interested in the Yolink stuff simply because of the range it would offer. I too have gate and mailbox sensors (currently zigbee) that are stretching the distance of their range and are not fully reliable.

My alternative, which would be best, would be to hardware magnetic switches to these things and monitor that signaling somehow. Not sure how just yet although my original idea (I’m currently a Homeseer 4 user) is to use a Rpi and just connect the inputs to the Pi’s input pins. I have the HS4 Rpi plugin that lets me monitor all the Pi’s inputs so it was going to be a piece of cake.

Anyway, as a newbie to HA and this thread, I was wondering about something:

It seems like a common request is the long-range aspect, which Yolink seems to provide. Is there some other RF technology that could be considered to offer a long-range “switch” trigger? I mean, has anyone gotten some sort of “driveway alert”, or “doorbell” system and integrated it into HA? I know that other Yolink products and features are needed but this might help some of us if there’s another basic RF option out there.

Oh also, on a side note, this thread looked very familiar to me when reading it over and I realized it’s because Eric has a similar thread on the HS4 forums about the products.

At the risk of rocking the boat I won’t link it here but it’s not hard to find.

As far as I recall, there was no HS4 plugin developed either.

Does anyone want to buy 6 motion sensors, a door sensor and a hub. Happily using the Aqara ecosystem and have zero use for these paper weights any longer.

Well, I read the entire thread and decided to join the community to add my 2 cents.

I think we can all agree that we have the “ASK” for YoLink products to work with Home Assistant.

Here is what I am thinking, it might be good to sum it all up in one doc. Then take that doc to the CEO of the company rather than some of what we can read through this thread (Don’t get me wrong I am as frustrated as many others). If the CEO isn’t on-board with the demand from the customers then I guess we will either have a handful of very motivated individual hustling to find workaround. Or we will have to wait until another vendor comes up with an home assistant LoRa tech product line.

I’m loaded with work but if someone has time to spin up a doc / form for people to input their feedback and “ask” and maybe how many devices they currently own or plan to acquire if Home Assistant were to be integrated. Feel free to start collecting the data and share the progress status in this thread.


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Hi, a user of Yolink products here. I found documentation for the local home API in YoLink website.


Is this what everyone looking for? Sorry if I misunderstood anything.

Nah, we know about that, but YoLink isn’t giving out API access any more, so even if someone who had API access took the time to write a proper integration they wouldn’t be able to share it with the rest of the community.

Well…guess I’m going to empty my Amazon cart. Was about to buy a bunch of YoLink door sensors for our house since I already had the leak sensors but this thread was a depressing read.

Anybody have a suggestion for a good Z-wave sensors?

Not correct (“isn’t giving out API access any more”). Due to high demand for API access, some changes were made to how they would be issued, so we had to put a hold on personal account applications, only accepting commercial API applications. But, now, you can request access from within the app.

And, we updated the documentation: http://doc.yosmart.com/docs/overall/intro/

email me for more info. eric at yosmart.com


You can create your open reminder in automation.

If gate contact sensor is closed
Delay 5 minutes
Filter: Continue if gate contact sensor is closed
(your behavior list, for example:)
Notification: “GATE IS STILL OPEN!” (this is assigned to a strategy, in which you can send this text to a push notification, email, text, or have a SpeakerHub broadcast the text-to-speech)

If you like the idea of making it a smart gate, you could also set up a similar Notification for when your Relay or (Alarm Controller?) closes the gate, as an assurance it’s all working, but the ideal situation is a set of commercial contacts on the gate, wired to our Contact Sensor, or to a limit switch in the operator.

You can also create an auto-close automation based on a delay that starts X seconds after the gate opening, and include it checking the open/closed state of the gate first (so it doesn’t open a closed gate). I’m assuming the gate has an obstruction sensor.

I recommend using a FlexFob for this and also incorporating our Outdoor Motion Sensors for visitor detection as well as for auto-exit. But that’s just me; I over-automate.

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I was reading your posts out of order. I assume you wired our OCS to contacts or a microswitch in the gate operator? I was thinking you were using magnetic contacts on the gate, in which case you can get yourself a set of form A or C contacts, to fool our Outdoor Contact Sensor into reporting the “true” state of the gate: open when it’s open, closed when it’s closed.

I want to confirm that, as an individual user (not a commercial person), I was able to create credentials and access the YoLink web API. It was very easy. Here is how I did it:

  1. Open the YoLink mobile app (I did it on Android) and open the left sidebar nav.
  2. Open Settings > Account > Advanced Settings > User Access Credentials
  3. Hit the + sign button in the bottom right and confirm to request access credentials.
  4. You should now see a UAID and Secret Key.

To test out your credentials, you’ll need to get an access token (which does expire and need to be refreshed).

To get the access token:

  1. curl -X POST -d "grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=${UAID}&client_secret=${Secret Key of PAC}" ${SVR_URL}/open/yolink/token
  • The UAID and Secret Key variables are clear, but the SVR_URL one took me a second. You’ll want to replace that with api.yosmart.com. (I’m hoping that the fact it’s a variable means we’ll eventually be able to self-host).
  1. Grab the access token from the response.
  2. To make sure it works, you can craft a POST like:
curl --location --request POST 'https://api.yosmart.com/open/yolink/v2/api' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}' \
--data-raw '{

That should return a list of all your YoLink devices.

Now I need to figure out how to get MQTT messaging set up so I can receive events. Anyone have a guide on this?


additional resources are in our Discord developer group. It’s for customers. Email me with the email address associated with your YoLink app, I will send you an invite

[email protected]

Thanks, just shot you an email!

Just sent you an email Eric

Anyone have any more info on how to connect to the YoLink cloud MQTT server?

Seem like a clean solution until an official API is released.

I purchased this device knowing it was a cloud service, but did not know it did not have a documented integration with HA.

I am sure they would love to be able to supply an official API as it will boost sales.

I will be very happy if I could connect to a cloud MQTT. My use case is just monitoring 2 gate status’s and it is not very time sensitive.

Thank all.

BTW, I have a “UAID” and a “secret key” obtained via mobile app.

Appreciate everyone’s assistants in advance.

Have a great day / evening.

Kind Regards

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Did you succeed? I’m a little bit frustrated… I’m just a beginner user trying to keep up with incomplete information… I have a lot of Yolink Sensors but I haven’t been able to connect them to HA… Help!!