Your Top 3 custom components

Some years ago I startet I thread in an apple forum with the title “top 5 iPad apps”, which got pretty popular in that forum.

Maybe it’s also a good idea to start something similar here. This would help finding new popular components.

My top three custom components are:

The last one should get more popular, as this would make it easier to keep custom components up to date.

Now let’s see your Top 3 custom components!

I would have to agree with you on the Alexa Media player component as my top pick.

I would also add for position 2 would be the NWS Alerts component but I’m definitely biased where that is concerned.

And I think for number 3 it would be Device Tracker

up, maybe someone else here who wants to share their top 3?

  • custom updater
  • composite tracker as it seems to do what person should become. I use the device tracker that is generated by this component as the only one in person.
  • battery alert makes it simple to track all these battery levels. I have it disabled at the moment and sure lost a sensor due to low battery
and the discussion:

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I have installed the NWS Alerts Component and am wondering how to trigger an automation with it. Currently my sensor.nws_alerts has a state of 1 with an attribute of a Flash Flood Watch (which is in fact in effect right now). Do you know if there are different numbers that represent different attributes? Maybe 2= tornado warning etc. If the number is just 1 when there is an alert and 0 when there isn’t how would I go about creating a trigger for a specific alert?

the number on the state is the number of active alerts. You can use that or any attribute to trigger an automation.

Have you seen my NWS package that I set up for sending me notifications when there is an active alert?

Thank you. I keep getting an error regarding the feedparser. I finally realized I needed to install that custom component too so I think I finally got it working. At least the announcement part works. In my automations I only added the “NWS Announce Weather Alert for MBR” with the understanding that it would trigger only if the word Tornado is in the alert as that is the only one I’m interested in… Am I correct in that assumption?

yes, that’s mostly correct.

It has to see the word “tornado” & “warning” at the same time. It will then announce.

If you remove the feedparser portion in the sensor section then you don’t need the feedparser custom component installed for the rest to work. that was just one more thing I added so I had a backup sensor while I was testing things out.

I’ve commented that section out in my gist.

Thank you.

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