YouTube Music Notification Commands

Hi all!

I’m experimenting with the potential of command notifications. In particular, trying to control Youtube Music playback.

I got quickly to play and pause through this:

service: notify.mobile_app_XXX
  message: command_media
    media_command: play_pause

However i can’t find the way to skip to next or previous song.

Any help? Can someone tell me where should i search?

Thanks a lot!

PS: I found this guide of Android Intents. Also i used Macrodroid to see how it identifies this commands within the phone. However, i didn’t get it

did you start with the docs?

you can see next and previous are accepted commands

I did, but it didn’t work…

Thanks anyway!

check hte companion app logs, any errors show up after you send the command? Look for the log line showing the notification text to see what happens after you send it.

Settings > Companion app > Troubleshooting > show and share logs

I solved it :slight_smile:

Check this out!

I was wondering how you solved this? I took a look at what you shared, but I don’t fully understand. Did you get next and previous working using command_activity?