Z-wave 1.4 (depreciated) --> Z-Wave JS migration tool?

I’ve been putting off upgrading my Z-wave 1.4 devices for several months now. I’m curious if there was a migration tool made for this. The only information I found was the thread below to do everything manually by editing text files. I guess if there still isn’t any tool to help with this by now, I’ll have no choice but to do it manually:

No tool but the migration path following that guide is really easy.

Thank you, yeah it looks pretty straightforward. However, I’m not sure what specifically I need to do I order to wake up all my zwave devices after starting the zwave JS addon.

It will depend on the device. Motion detectors= walk in front of them, door/window= open/close, etc. All my devices are powered so I didn’t have that problem.

Oh okay… so, as long as these devices had recent activity, they should be awake.

Yeah, well you can just wake them up as needed

I have used the script that is mentioned in the migration guide to get a simple list of the Zwave nodes for while but at some point it no longer works. The template is handy because I usually run it before replacing failed switches. Yes, they GE and Honeywell switches seem to dies every 4-6 months.

{%- for node, zstates in states | selectattr('attributes.node_id', 'in', range(1000)) | groupby('attributes.node_id') %}
{{ node }}:
  {%- for s in zstates %}
  - {{ s.name }}
    {{ s.entity_id }}
  {% endfor %}
{%- endfor %}

It appears that there is no longer a zstate in states. Does anyone have a template works with the latest Z-Wwave JS?

They introduced a tool in 2021.10, but so far from what I’ve read it doesn’t work that well.

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I tried to use the migration tool and it just stops at “Device is already configured” without doing anything else.