Z-Wave climate setup

I am setting up my new CT100 Plus z-wave thermostat. I went through some hoops documented here to get the setup to read the proper initialization info (at least, I hope it is the proper info). ZWave CT100 Plus - 2GIG Technologies Unknown: type=6402, id=0100

The results are somewhat confusing, and there doesn’t seem to be much if any documentation available yet to explain the situation.

I have quite a list of climate entities:


Some questions:

  1. What is the difference between cooling_1 and cooling_1_2?
  2. What is the difference between furnace and heating_1?
  3. What is “dry air”?
  4. It seems I can set the mode of Heat, Cool, Off via either the heating or cooling entities? What is the difference, if any? If none, why is the same functionality apparently exposed in multiple redundant places?

Not sure if you have figured this out by now, also not sure if I can help - but my Heatit zwave thermostat also has multiple entities for the heating modes and they can each activate the heating mode of the parent device.

I just pick one and use it. Not sure if that applies to your device and situation though…

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