ZWave CT100 Plus - 2GIG Technologies Unknown: type=6402, id=0100

I’m running version .52.1 of the hassio docker running on a raspberry pi 3 and have tried to discover the 2Gig CT100 Plus thermostat.

I only discover the climate.2gig_technologies_unknown_type6402_id0100_cooling_1, I never discover a heating_1 entity.

I’ve tried to remove the device, rediscover it, factory reset and even a fresh install of Home Assistant with no luck.

I did notice when discovered it shows up as:

2GIG Technologies Unknown: type=6402, id=0100

I wonder if the Unknown Type is my issue.

I noticed on the Github openzwave pages, there is a manufacturer_specific.xml which has the necessary info for the CT100 Plus. How do I incorporate that into the hassio docker install? I tried copying that file into the /config folder, with no luck. I assume that is not the location, because it references files in the 2Gig subfolder which doesn’t exist.

Thanks in advance

I have this same device and it picked up just fine. I am running .52.1 of hass. I am not using the image. I did have the same problem with Linear device and I figure out that in the version of OpenZwave that is installed it was not yet support.

I am interested in this same topic, how do you update owz outside of updating HASS


Can you give me more info on your install. I would like to duplicate it to see if I can get the ct100 plus working.



One more request:

What do you see in your zwcfg*.xml for the ct100 plus

Mine looks like this:
<Product type=“6402” id=“100” name=“Unknown: type=6402, id=0100” />

From web research, the id should be 001 and I think that is why I’m failing.

Your help would be appreciated since you have successfully discovered it in hass.


I actually have 2 of these installed and I think I bought them a year ago.

Here are the 1st couple of lines of the node.

<Node id="16" name="Upstairs Thermostat" location="" basic="4" generic="8" specific="6" type="General Thermostat V2" listening="false" frequentListening="true" beaming="true" routing="true" max_baud_rate="40000" version="3" query_stage="Complete">
		<Manufacturer id="98" name="2GIG Technologies">
			<Product type="6401" id="107" name="CT100 Thermostat USA" />

According to the OpenZwave git up there may be more than one model. Your does not seem to match these ID’s

<Product type="6401" id="0105" name="CT100 Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6401" id="0107" name="CT100 Thermostat USA" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6402" id="0001" name="CT100 Plus Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>


Yeah…by the looks of the xml file you have the first gen CT100…my first gen CT100 worked but the new gen 5 CT100 Plus doesn’t. The CT100 Plus has a white plastic case and has the next generation Zwave plus enabled.

Yeah…so I am learning a type 6402 and id 0100…which doesn’t match…so either the OpenZwave git is wrong or the two Thermostats I have are reporting a bad ID.

Been working with the company I bought them from and their developer got one to work…waiting to see what he has in the xml file…if his is type 6402 and id 0001 then I either have bad thermostats or my USB stick is reading the data wrong.


I got the same CT100 Plus thermostat with type 0x6402 and product ID 0x0100. I am currently writing a C++ program to control this thermostat using OpenZWave libraries. The only way for me to get it to work properly is to modify the file “manufacturer_specific.xml” by changing id=“0001” to id=“0100”. Without modifying the file, you will not be able to get the “relative humidity” and “heating setpoint”. By the way, I bought 16 of these thermostats and all of their product IDs are 0x0100.


thanks for response.

That is exactly what I did, since HASS no longer has “manufacturer_specific.xml” file. I installed Domoticz on a seperate PI, moved my USB Z stick over to that PI, modified the “manufacturer_specific.xml” file and changed the ID from 0001 to 0100 and Domoticz recognized the thermostat. I then took the zwcfg_*.xml file from Domoticz and copied it to my config directory on HASS and am now I’m in business, I see all of the necessary entities.

So since you got a large number of these and they are all the same, looks like OpenZWave has the error. Is that a safe assumption.

I am not quite sure whether the problem is on the OpenZWave side. I looked at and under the “Product Data in XML”, it says the type is “6402” and the Product ID is “0001”.

The other thing is that a number of command-classes of this product (in the above Product Data in XML) end with "V2". For example, for the command class thermostat setpoint, it says “COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT_V2”. But in zwcfg.xml, it simply says “COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT”. So, I am not quite sure whether there are other incompatibility problems. This thermostat is a Z-Wave plus device but my UZB stick is just a Z-Wave. May be it is something that I have to investigate.

So far, I have no problem controlling the thermostat or receiving data from the thermostat.

This is probably an off topic. When I tested with multiple controllers and multiple thermostats (each controller mated with a unique thermostat) and I put all of them in the same room. I started to see an unusual behavior. All thermostats start sending same (unchanged) data to controllers periodically (sometimes every 5 seconds sometimes every 10 seconds). As a result, all my thermostats run out of battery within two weeks. This made me thinking about thermostat’s firmware (also because of product ID 0100 vs 0001). Unfortunately, there is no information about firmware update on the manufacturer website.

I got it to work under hassio…I took my Z-Stick and plugged it into a raspberry pi running Domoticz…on there I edited the “manufacturer_specific.xml” and changed id=“0001” to id=“0100”. After a couple of reboots it recognized the thermostats as in the “manufacturer_specific.xml” file. I then took the zwcfg_*.xml file, copied it over to my hassio system and rebooted. The thermostat came up as expected.

Since my workaround…there has been an update to the “manufacturer_specific.xml” on github which now reflects the id as both “0001” and “0100”. I haven’t tested it…but I assume it should work

Hello, I’m new to Hassio and I’m also in the process of configuring the CT100 Plus thermostat. Is anyone having issues with the target temp for heating? I can pull the target temp attribute when the mode is set to ‘Cool’ but I don’t see anything that matches up with the heating target temp? Am I blind? I do have all other states available within hassio (current temp, relative humidity, mode, etc.) so I’m pretty sure it’s working as expected. The ‘temperature’ attribute which updates during ‘Cool’ mode doesn’t update when in ‘Heat’ mode.

@buckshome, Here’s what I see in developer tools > states:

Mine has the same behavior as yours (I think), so in a card I have both entities, like this:


If the mode is set to Heat, changing the Cooling Target Temp doesn’t have an effect. And vice versa, if the mode is set to Cool, changing the Heating Target Temp doesn’t do anything. Actually, changing either does update the value, but doesn’t have an effect on the “opposite” operation mode.

I’d sure love to see someone’s config that has a more streamlined card, either a standard card or state-card-tile or state-card-custom-ui or something. Anything more like the controls on an actual thermostat.

Fwiw, I’m running on a pi3 and am up to the latest version. It’s been working for me like this for months without having to change any type or ID. What may be complicating things for the OP and others up in this thread (possibly) is that this thermostat has several variations and all have the same CT-100 model number. There was/is one sold by Amazon (like mine) and one by Lowe’s a year or more ago and I think two or three others. They all had variations in their type and ID. I believe the same happened for the CT-101.

See, that’s exactly what I’m missing. The “…heating_1” entity in the developer tools. I’ve removed and added the node multiple times (secure and non-secure) but still no deal. Did you remember doing anything special for that entity to appear?

I’m running the latest version on a Pi3 as well. This is the CT100 Plus thermostat, not the older CT100 (non z-wave plus). I don’t see any firmware updates for the thermostat on their website.

Might have to try out the GoControl z-wave plus enabled thermostat if I can’t get this to work properly.


I having a similar issue as you except for the CT101 version of the thermostat. Here is my posting -> CT-101 Thermostat / zwcfg_xxxxx.xml File Question.

I am unable to set the heat temp because I believe the thermostat is incorrectly identified. It comes up as Product type=6501 id=b name=Unknown: type=6501, id=000b /> .

The id=000b isn’t listed in the manufacturer_specific.xml file. I am trying to find out if I add this line -> Product type=6501 id=000b name=CT101 Thermostat config=2gig/ct101.xml/> to the file will it recognize it and load it correctly.

No, I didn’t have to fiddle with anything. It’s a CT-100 from Amazon several years ago. I also have a new CT-101 that I might give a try and see what happens. Actually, looking at it now, it’s a CT-101-L (from Lowe’s and “works with Iris”) and doesn’t show Z-Wave Plus, so it looks to be older–it’s just new to me.

Have you tried Configuration > Z-Wave Manager > Nodes > Heal Node?

I think adding a known existing type and name in manufacturer_specific.xml would work. That worked for me on another hub I used (not when the CT-100 support wasn’t fully there.

I tried just adding it to the manufacturer_specific.xml file and restarted HA however I didn’t see any change. Did you have to remove and re-add the device to the network for it to be recognized properly?

No, it is not necessary, but once you add the new line with your device’s particulars to manufacturer_specific.xml, you should be able to add the device and have it recognized.

woohoo, I think this might actually work. I had to remove the node then re-add it and it appears to be recognized now correctly.

On a side note however, I can not see the new node in the zwave configuration panel : (

Hmm…I’m not using the docker version and I’m not seeing a manufacturer_specific.xml file anywhere in HASSIO. I definitely don’t have the openzwave directories mentioned in previous posts. Hassio does have a built-in z-wave configuration tool but I don’t see where I would edit the manufacturer information. Glad you got yours working photo64! All I seem to have is the zwcfg_xxxx.xml file but that gets overwritten each time the device is removed and added to the z-wave network.

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