Z-wave controller backup

I increasingly regret my investment in Z-wave because of the fragility of the configuration data.

Going in, I didn’t realize all the mesh information was saved in the controller device itself. That means if my USB stick device fails, I not only have to rebuild the network by re-including each device, I’ve lost the namespace in HA as well - to get all my automations back I’d have to manually edit all the device/entity names.

My Zooz z-wave stick does have the ability to generate a backup file - but I have no way to do that while it’s on my RPi. I’d have to transfer it to my PC and use some unknown software there to both generate the file and restore it to a new device.

Had I known all this at the start, I’d have stuck with wifi. But am I misunderstanding this situation somehow? Is there any way I could manage backup/restoration of the controller configuration from the RPi, or from HA itself?

ZwaveJS2MQTT has an NVM backup tool built in. Click the button. If you do nothing, the resulting NVM backup file is stored with your config data for ZWaveJS2MQTT and therefore included in its backup.

Sadly, that knowledge only increases my pain. Because I’m one of the masses who foolishly chose ZWaveJS and now see no safe, uncomplicated way to migrate to ZWaveJS MQTT - which now seems like the future. We’re trapped in the dead past.

It’s pretty painless to swap between them.


I must respectfully disagree. I’ve read those “instructions” before and found them confusing and unclear. I’ve also read other threads on this topic and they typically end in total confusion and disagreement over the fine points - especially regarding ‘integrations’ vs ‘add-ons’ and how your particular installation is configured. I vividly remember a post from one guy who said he’d lost everything. Make one false step and you go over the cliff.

I didn’t know that is available that easy. Does this work with all types of controller (or more specifically the zwave.me UZB)?

The only false step here is removing the integration, as long as you only disable it, you’ll be fine.

Of course you could also make a backup before attempting to switch, this would save the integration data and entity names.


Wait for the devs to add a service call/UI button for the backup feature.


Just disable the old and try. Zwavejs2mqtt is easy p easy
Adopted before it became the standard