Z-wave devices appear in History, but not in Z-wave node list

I am moving from Vera to HA, and have just installed Hass on a Raspberry Pi B with the latest software, and a Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5.

I have been able to successfully add several of my z-wave switches.

However, the last 3 switches I have added to HA (through the HA web interface) show up in the History tab, and seem normal, but do not appear in the Z-wave management tab. This means I can’t rename them, control them, etc.

I have rebooted a few times, but the problem remains.

I’m searching and reading similar topics on the forum, but am not sure what to try next.

How do I get the z-wave devices to appear in the Z-wave management page on HA?

Have you run a network heal?

Yes, I have healed the network. I can see 4 z-wave devices that were added that are showing up in the Z-wave management panel under nodes, but there are several more that appear only in the History tab, and not in the z-wave management panel.

Would it make sense to wipe out the Z-wave config and try again?

Don’t necessarily get fooled by the history. I’m pretty sure that will show stuff that used to exist even after they don’t anymore. For some reason when adding z-wave devices, it seems to require a restart of HA. Somewhere in that process they will get renamed. So the history might be showing old names as well as new names. I guess the important thing is, are the devices that really exist being represented by currently existing HA entities? (I believe there will always be one zwave.xxx entity for each z-wave device, but there may be multiple other entities – such as switch.xxx, or light.xxx – for each, depending on what they are.)

Have you looked to see if those new entities created by the zwave device are showing up in the states page? it’s in the configuration panel at the “<>” icon.

you should see them as switches, sensors or binary sensors. your main device will be named zwave.some_thing.

Agreed, When I first got started with HA and was adding my first zwave devices I got confused my history as well. Not only will it show devices that are no longer there, but if you rename devices, you may see the old name and the new name. After a restart or two, and a bit of time passing, it all cleared itself up.

So in your case, I suspect those zwave devices are not actually still there. You may have to add them again. If you’re not seeing them at all in the zwave panel, try doing a remove anyway, and follow the exclusion steps for your device, then restart HA, and then try to add them back.

Over time, I ended up customizing history to show just what I cared about, but not until I had my system more stable and more devices set up.

Thanks, everyone. Indeed, the history window was out of date.