Z-wave electricity clamps for Australia?

Couple of questions re options in Australia for monitoring electricity usage/solar production:

Q1- Anyone in Australia identified if there are any Australian Z-wave electricity monitoring clamps available? (unfortunately the Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 one hasn’t been released/certified for Australia due to low demand) :weary:

Q2 - If no Z-wave options, has anyone got another way to get the data into Home Assistant?

Background: Electricity consumption and Solar Generation (from solar panels on the roof) would be the two I would monitor. Both to be able to view graphs BUT to also monitor level of Solar Generation to turn on/off discretionary appliances only when there is enough self produced electricity (i.e. save money).

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Re Q2: Apparently smart meters rolled out in Victoria have Zigbee built in. Mine here in NSW does not have any suitable interface though.

Do you already have a solar system installed? If not, the inverter might be your best bet to gather that information. I’ve written up how my HA talks to a little box that collects the data from my micro inverters:

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Actual you can get the Home Energy Meter for AU/NZ frequency
Try here: https://activeautomation.co.nz/aeotec-home-energy-meter-gen-5-60-amp