Z-wave is frustrating for me, please advice

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Thanks I will have a look but my problem seems to be “normal” or identified Node:undefined undefined

Perhaps I’ll go with an external ZW Gateway like Vera and test again!!!


Looking into the thread you linked, it appears on the most part the the people are having issues with their xml file being corrupted / missing data. Since you don’t have a lot of devices it might be simplest to start a fresh. Un-pair all your devices from the controller and remove from HA, delete the xml file and then add your devices again… unless you have a copy of the xml file from a previous time which still includes data for all your current devices.

Hahaha (the vera face) I’ll try, I have a snapshot before going with Zwave so I can go back and test…

Now I’ve got a good Zwave environment, I went with OZW beta, the only thing that I’m dealing with is that my fibaros FGD212 are turning on and off really slow. When I hit on they turn on in about 4 minutes and when I hit off I can see a decrease of power (about 10%) every 30 or 40 seconds until finally they fade … Does anyone had similar issues?