Z-Wave JS and HomeKit - Z-Wave entities dropping from HomeKit

Hello lovely HA Community!

I am experiencing an issue where Z-Wave devices are “lost” from HomeKit when there is an update to the Z-Wave Add-on, and the devices must be reconfigured within the Home app. This is a HUGE pain, as I currently have approximately 50 devices connected via Z-Wave to HomeKit and 10 scenes that must be reconfigured every time these devices are “lost” and “re-found”.

In the past with Legacy Z-Wave and HomeKit, we had to disable auto_start and start HomeKit AFTER the Z-Wave network was “ready” using this configuration shown here: Start Homekit Automation based on Zwave network status in Node-Red, but, per the comments on this from @frenck here, this is no longer needed: How do I switch to Zwave JS?.

That said, how can I prevent the Z-Wave devices from being “lost” on an update?

I am running the following configuration:

OS: Home Assistant OS 5.12
Supervisor: supervisor-2021.03.4
HA Core: core-2021.3.3
Z-Wave JS Add-on (configured via Integrations): 0.1.10
HomeKit (configured via configuration.yaml)

Thank you!