Z-Wave JS server IP Change

A couple of days ago I updated my Unifi Network app to 7.4 and a day or two later I found out my Z-Wave integration was having an issue. It turns out that with network 7.4 you can no longer use as a DHCP reserved IP address. My Home Assistant uses So, I changed Home Assistant to use but cannot figure out how to change the Z-Wave JS server IP address.

For now I have set my Home Assistant to a static IP ( but if this address is ever needed by Unifi I will have an IP conflict.

You didn’t mention how you are running Z-Wave JS, which is necessary information. https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zwave_js/#advanced-installation-instructions

If you are using an add-on, there’s nothing to change.

Running HasOS on Proxmox. Z-Wave JS UI addon is what I am running. Even with rebooting HasOS and being able to connect to the dashboard with new IP Z-Wave JS UI shows failed to connect to the old IP.

What’s your Server URL configuration? You shouldn’t be using any external IP address.


I think that is what you are asking for

Follow Step #4 (only that step) and use the correct URL. ws://a0d7b954-zwavejs2mqtt:3000


Also step 9 in this guide: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/switching-z-wave-js-addons-with-minimal-downtime-z-wave-js-official-to-z-wave-js-ui-community/409904#step-9-reconfigure-the-z-wave-js-integration-15

Thanks. Will try again but it seems I was doing something wrong when I tried that earlier.

Thank you so much. Earlier I was trying to add a Z-Wave device and that was obviously wrong. The second link made me realize my mistake.

You can also remove port 3000 from the exposed ports in the add-on configuration, it’s not needed any longer. It’s only necessary if you wanted to do something like connect a second instance of HA to the zwave-js-server.

Sounds good, thanks again, Getting this working will make my wife happy.