Z-Wave JS to MQTT Control Panel Issue?

I’ve been trying to migrate to Z-Wave JS MQTT (as first step before installing the Z-Wave JS itself as per the instructions) and the Control Panel keeps emptying out. Is this normal? I waited for a couple of hours for everything to get recognized and when I came back to that window the panel was blank. So I restarted Z-Wave JS to MQTT and after about 15 minutes it went from having all my devices to just having one.

Is this how it is suppose to work? Is that panel just for current activity and when it’s done it’s done? I don’t want to move on if I’m supposed to see all my found devices here and things are glitching out.

I’m seeing a ton of these errors in the log, leading me to believe that it’s glitching out:

21-04-26 18:08:46 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.api.ingress] Ingress error: 400, message='Invalid response status', url=URL('')

I can’t tell you what is going on with yours but mine always stays fully displaying all the devices it’s found.

Your screenshot appears to be showing devices that are asleep. Are these in fact battery-operated devices? If so, then it is normal for the initial interview of these nodes to take time, because the device must first wake up to respond to the query from the controller. The alternative is to force the devices to wake up - usually by pressing buttons on the devices.

I have battery-operated smoke detectors that took a day or three to appear in the list, because they wake up once every 24 hours, and they needed to wake up several times to complete the interview process.

As for the ingress errors, it’s a known issue, but I’m certainly not seeing a “ton” of these errors - only the occasional error in the log.