Z Wave Migration Broke My Entire House

Just wanted to chime in to tweak the noise to signal ratio. Several versions ago, I followed the guide that @petro created when I saw that Open Zwave was being deprecated. Took about an hour, but my 50+ devices are now working just fine. No speed issues to speak of. I have several automations that depend on motion to trigger. Aeotec stick on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I recently added a couple secure devices and that process went smoothly as well.

In addition, I got some new functionality (at least I think it’s new) - I have some switches that let me double or triple tap on/off and I’m able to trigger automations from that via Zwave-JS events.

I have no idea at all with what you are referring to with that statement.

I never use the UI editor to create any automations…ever…and so I don’t have access to any device based automations so all of my automations are “state based” and none of them have stopped working.

There was no change. state based automations still work just fine.

Unless there was some breaking change in the latest HA? But I seriously doubt it.

I saw literally zero difference between the old zwave and zwavejs. It’s neither better nor worse.

All of my motion devices are the exact same devices. My Z Wave stick is the exact same stick. The only thing that changed was updating to JS Z Wave. Before my motion based automations would trigger 4-6 feet into the room. Now I get to the middle of the room and have to wait before the light turns on.

The only thing that changed was updating to JS Z Wave, nothing else in the equation changed.

Unless you think I became a meta-human and turned into the Flash, and am now somehow walking into the room much faster than before.

Some motions sensors now use notification events instead of binary sensors.

Oh, I don’t have many zwave motion sensors but every one of them uses a binary sensor for motion detection.

Which brands don’t have binary sensors?

OK smart ass watch me prove you wrong. This is how my automations were triggered before:

This is how they are triggered now

The JS update completely changed how and where data from my motion detectors are brought into the system. I’m glad your system didn’t break, but acting like I’m imagining this, or that it didn’t completely break my automations, shows you really don’t understand things as well as you think you do.

Ok, still, that doesn’t give any information on what the problem could be. Zwave is a mesh network of devices. All devices behave differently. Things have been updated too. The original OpenZwave 1.4 (which is what you came from) is an old package dating back to 2016. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in 6 years.

It’s just a way of reporting. You can actually change the reporting type on most devices. From basic to notification. But that depends on the device. Basic reporting will give you a binary sensor.


Have you actually looked into the devices themselves to see if they still offer a binary sensor for motion detection?

Maybe it’s there and you just haven’t looked in the right place

petro, from that screenshot it doesn’t look like he’s using zwavejs events either. Unless that is how events are incorporated using the UI editor?

I always use an event trigger for that on my stateless devices (buttons - which never had states before in the old zwave either).

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That’s a device trigger. You can change it to a entity_id based trigger.

Remember when I said to be nice? Calling people smart asses is not the way to handle this. Just ask your questions. Why do you act this way? No one here is “out to get you”. Just act like a reasonable adult. Is that so much to ask?

I have the same amount of Z Wave devices before and after the update. No one moved in and is walking around triggering extra motion detectors. I went into each sensor and adjusted the refresh time to 1s shorter than the default 3s


The dip switch inside the unit was already set up for the fastest response time.

Humor me, Go to Integrations, click on Z-Wave JS’s devices, then click on your device and screenshot the page and post it here.

Like this:

but that shouldn’t have changed between zwave and zwavejs should it? Once it’s report type is set I thought that is stored on the device.

I tried that the response time was worse, most of the time it would never fire even when I would stand in front of it flailing both arms.

Stop trying to convince me I not experiencing what I’m experiencing, and I won’t get adversarial.

The old zwave platform did not translate everything properly. Zwave JS does. This is what he’s running into.

See how his trigger says 255 for the state? That means old zwave was too dumb to understand that this was a binary device, so it made a sensor that just had 2 states 0 and 255.

You’ve proven exactly the opposite unfortunately…

No one is saying you aren’t having these issues. However the issues can be over come and it’s clear you don’t know how to do that. For some odd reason, you think do know how to fix this yourself. It’s okay to not know things. That’s life. Can we move on from this childish attitude and actually solve the problems at hand? Please go to your device and screenshot it so we can see how to get you the correct trigger instead of a device trigger.

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Yeah, my old zwave devices needed to use the “sensor.x” with a value of 255 to trigger but now they actually have a “binary_sensor.x”.

That’s what I’m saying. I think he has a binary sensor now and just hasn’t looked. the screenshot suggestion will prove it.

I reduced it down to 1000px, if you need a bigger resolution let me know.

Yes, that’s why I’m trying to get the screenshot.