Z Wave Migration Broke My Entire House

62 Z Wave Device integrations were broken and no longer turn anything on or off.

62 Z Wave Devices were renamed to something completely unhelpful Like Node 62

62 Z Wave Devices now have to be excluded and re-added back.

Breaking the 62 Z Wave devices broke 800+ automations and scripts.

As someone who is older than the internet I can say hands down this is the worst upgrade I have ever seen in my entire life.

This is going to take months for me to fix.

There is no benefit that is ever going to be able to justify this nightmare I now have to deal with.

I fail to see why you couldn’t just leave the old version in place, the downside is so large there is nothing that will ever justify this.

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From the last update party, it seemed that once the HA team moved to the next version (maybe of python) it was going to break it.

At least that’s how I understood it.

I don’t know who thought it was an acceptable idea to push out an “update” that is going to intentionally break something, but whoever it was should be permanently banned from contributing to any public programming project for the rest of their lives.

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No one pushed it on you. You pressed the update button.
Breaking changes were very clear about this.
You can always roll back to an older HA with your backup en keep your stuff working.

They literally said the old version was going to stop working in the beginning of April, so I had no choice.

I just did the migration. Out of 81 device, 80 do not work.

Network Connected
81 devices (80 not ready)

No where in the guides or in the migration wizard did it give me the impression that I would have to repair 80 devices.

From which version of Zwave are you trying to migrate? (and to what version)

Wait until you start trying to exclude old devices, but you cant get it to go into exclusion mode because it’s in discovery mode from the 80 devices trying to connect. There is a link that says “stop discovery mode” but it doesn’t work. The only way I’ve found to stop it is to reboot it.

from this

to the new JS

This might help, its alot of steps tho.

Do you think I should just skip using the wizard? I’ve tried the wizards twice now with no luck.

You have a choice.

just don’t update your version of HA. If you stay with the existing version you can keep using your existing configuration withn the old zwave integration indefinitely.

it only breaks if you update HA.

I updated from OZW 1.4 to Zwavejs over a couple of months at my leisure with no wizard and I think I only had to re-pair one or two devices out of 30. It was fairly painless but it was a bit of tedious work to get everything to be ready for the final switchover.

there is pretty much no reason I can think of that would cause your zwave stick to break and your network to come undone just by upgrading the server software that it ties to.

All of the device and network config is stored on the stick not in the server.

I recommend you restore your previous backup and migrate slowly from there.

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You should demand your money back.

Or maybe put a little effort into trying to figure out why you’re having issues while so many don’t.


You think asking people not to intentionally break other people’s stuff is too much…

Why don’t you invite the neighborhood kids in to smash up your living room with that attitude…

I can’t count the number of times I’ve restored from backup when an update didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. Backups are great! I love them!

One of the single-most best things about you getting to choose what’s on your hardware. If it works exactly like you like it, don’t mess with it. Just enjoy it the way it is.

Ooops… I think you mean “…programmers who are too lazy to care…”

so many other don’t, you say, let’s see about that…

looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about

In fairness to the programmers, I understand why they are recommending the migration - the old version will become incompatible with future versions of python, and the original open zwave is approaching abandonware. Its not really the fault of the HA programmers.

Having said that, I did have one hell of a time getting mine working.

Now that it is - its fairly nice. Its not faster than the older verison (might be a little slower?) But the component panel is a lot better.

I think there are a few of us out in the wild that are just outliers and have something different about our systems. Not sure what that is though.

That’s a cookie cutter point and click gui that makes your code for you. Boiler plate coding has it’s own problems, but its no where near complicated as writing a multithreading application from the ground up that interfaces with hardware. Calling other people incompetent is flat out rude, even more so when comparing it to a wordpress “program”.

That comment of mine that you linked is in reference to the Zwave 1.4 and it’s sloppy integration into home assistant 7 years ago. Zwave JS is 1000x better, even if you can’t figure out how to migrate properly.

So how about you step back, stop flaming people, and describe your issues so people can help. Otherwise if you continue to troll people like you do on reddit, you will be banned.


Wow. Who’s we ? You know, that goes both ways too. What about incompetent users who are too lazy to document themselves and just rant on public forums throwing insults left and right ? Legacy code maintenance is complex and expensive. That’s why even in the world of paid commercial software, legacy systems are migrated all the time. And for the few ones that aren’t for various reasons, you either are on your own (people still using Windows 7 or even XP) or you get custom legacy support that is typically very expensive.

This is open source, just in case you haven’t realized. People do this in their free time. There’s no entry exam or HR, everybody can join. Of course you’re going to get a wide range of quality, from real crap to stellar. It’s up to you to select what you want - it’s all free to grab after all. The old zwave integration you mentioned was abandoned by its sole developer. That’s unfortunate, but you have to accept that. There was nobody else who wanted to pick it up. So what are you going to do ? Pay someone ? Force someone ?

I agree, zwave 1.4 it was actually pretty good for its time (its immediate successor ozw 1.6 was not though). I used it myself for quite a while and I was happy with it. But I also migrated to zwave js a few months ago, because clinging onto an unsupported legacy platform is not the way forward. I did it manually, device by device. Took a few hours, no big deal. I’m very satisfied with the result, it’s stable and fast. And most important - it is actively supported.

No one intentionally broke anything. Migrating legacy systems can be hard, especially when they store control and management data in very different ways. I never tried the automatic migration wizard. Maybe it is a bit dodgy, but you always have the manual method. It’s not hard, you know. Since you’re a great Wordpress programmer yourself, you shouldn’t have any issues managing this by hand… (hint - it doesn’t actually require any form of coding and you don’t have to exclude or reinclude anything either).

I disagree with quite a few things the HA devs did and currently do myself and I do annoy people with my criticism on these forums too. But there’s a difference between disagreeing with things and being downright rude. Please show some respect to these guys. They put a lot of time and effort into this free software and they’re certainly not incompetent. Managing outlandish user expectations can just be as frustrating and demotivating for developers. This btw, was one of the main reasons the original zwave developer quit his project over.


He is claiming the update from python is purposely being applied to break zwave 1.4. At least that was the last thread I had to moderate on reddit where he was being incredibly rude and trolling. As you can tell, I’m starting to get annoyed with constantly having to moderate his posts.