Z-Wave parameter update

I have a set of Cooper dimmers (RF9534). When I first started out on HA I was able to set the dimmer ramp time on one dimmer using set_config_parameter -> {“node_id”:3,“parameter”:7,“value”:0} . Now they turn on and off instantly.

Now no matter what I try I can’t change any of them to any value. So all my other dimmers have the default ramp time.

I don’t see any open defects about this, does anyone know if something has changed? Maybe I got lucky the first time? Not sure if there is a proper sequence to it.

I believe the value is actually written to the dimmer itself, is this correct?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

The setting is indeed written to the switch. Have you tried using the Open Zwave Control Panel to try setting a value to rule out an issue with HA?

Yes, I have tried with both with no luck… Strange thing is it worked once for me probably around version 28 or so from HA. I also remember it not working before from OZCP… Really weird…

My OZCP writes to the local config file just fine, so renaming, adding/removing, new node_ids etc. works fine. I wonder if there is something special that I need to do to get it to write to the dimmer config itself.

One update: Setting the configuration from OZCP seems to do something. After updating the ramp rate the lights do in fact adhere to the setting but only if it is triggered over zwave (ozcp/ha). The physical switch does not react to the setting (seems to always be at the 3s default). That first dimmer (same model) that I was able to get a while back does in fact react the same for both zwave and physical toggles (0s). I can’t figure out how to get the physical switch to act the same as the over the air toggle…

With many switches, there’s a different ramp rate for local control vs remote. Look up the docs for your switch and they should note which code to set.

You might also find some good info if you search this forum for set_config_parameter - that might be helpful if OZWC doesn’t show the setting for your particular switch.

Based on what you said I went on a hunch and tried setting the time parameter to 1 instead of the default 2. This did it! I’m guessing older versions of HA had the default as 1 and maybe thats how I got it the first time. Thanks, consider this solved.